K12 offers one of the biggest online K–12 educational programs in the business for the individuals who need to self-teach, highlighting in excess of 240 courses—from preschool to cutting edge secondary school—that have gotten grants and acknowledgments.

K12’s online courses give strong establishments in math, language expressions, science, and history, just as workmanship, music, world dialects, and a variety of electives for self-teach understudies. There’s something to intrigue each understudy, regardless of where they are on their instructive excursion. guamhomeschool

We’ve additionally improved the rich media experience of a significant number of our online courses with an abundance of active materials, for example, course readings, delineated storybooks, paints and paintbrushes, CDs, inflatable globes, and even things, for example, magnifying instruments and rock-and-mineral units for science lessons.*

Our devotion to everything about you can utilize our online l educational program to self-teach with certainty, realizing we share your responsibility to seeing your kid dominate.

The K12 Homeschool Curriculum At A Glance

240+ online self-teach courses for pre-kindergarten through secondary school

Math, language expressions, science, history, workmanship, and music courses for K–8

World dialects: Spanish, French, German, and Latin for grades 3–12;

Chinese for center school and up; and Japanese for secondary school

A wide choice of praises and Advanced Placement® courses for secondary school

Secondary school electives, for example, Personal Finance, Health Science, Sports and

Amusement Marketing, Digital Photography, and Web Design

SAT and ACT test prep courses

Keeping It Simple

We’re additionally aware of making your experience as basic and direct as could be expected under the circumstances. The entirety of our online self-teach courses accompany careful, simple to-utilize arranging and progress instruments, appraisals and answer keys, and instructing guides.

All alone or With Our Teachers

At the point when you would prefer not to go only it through autonomous examination, our K–8 online self-teach courses and the entirety of our reality language courses highlight the alternative of help from proficient, credentialed educators. Also, for secondary school, where the requests of the educational plan are more prominent, the entirety of our courses accompany instructor uphold.

Keeping It Affordable

K12 likewise needs to assist you with giving your kid quality instruction without burning up all available resources. We offer an assortment of approaches to pay, including membership plans and limits for prepaying, different courses, various understudies, and military faculty.

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Tutoring AT HOME:


Online Homeschool Students

K12 is the main supplier serving K–12 online schools. The K12 program is offered through educational cost free* online government funded schools for grades K–12.


Key Differences Between Online Public School at Home and Homeschool

Online state funded schools are not self-teaches, nor are the understudies who go to online schools considered “self-taught.” indeed, there are numerous distinctions.

Most K12-controlled online government funded schools:

Have state-confirmed government funded teachers

Conform to compulsory state evaluation test prerequisites

Conform to state participation strategies and scholarly advancement prerequisites

Have a school office for authoritative staff

Have a set up educational plan controlled by the school

Issue exercise and course reviews, records, report cards, and direct parent gatherings

Have solid school executives (e.g., head, colleague head, and so forth)

Agree to pertinent state and government scholarly and financial responsibility necessities


Online Public School: Teacher Support

K12-controlled online government funded schools understudies have state-ensured state funded school teacher(s). Instructors:

Give guidance, direction, and backing

Track understudy participation and scholastic advancement

Assess understudy work

Work in association with guardians or another dependable grown-up going about as the understudy’s Learning Coach

Talk with guardians to suggest therapeutic or advancement projects and settle on understudy grade position and advancement choices

Discuss routinely with their understudies through telephone, email, and booked online “office hour” gatherings

Arrange social and scholastic trips; advance school network


Online Public School: Parents’ Role

In K12-controlled online state funded schools, guardians/or other capable grown-up going about as the understudy’s learning mentor are dynamic members in their kid’s training, working in close association with instructors. Guardians/Learning Coaches moreover:

Work intimately with their kid and managing them through day by day exercises

Effectively take an interest in their youngster’s day by day learning

Record their kid’s participation

Consistently speak with educators to evaluate their kid’s learning, scholarly accomplishment, and so on

Become effectively engaged with parent gatherings, workshops, school occasions, and understudy exercises

Discover A SCHOOL

*Families don’t pay educational cost for an understudy to go to an online government funded school. Regular family things and office supplies like printer ink and paper are not given. Our enlistment advisors can help address your innovative and PC questions and needs. Instructive materials fluctuate by school and course.


Is online government funded school equivalent to self-teaching?

No, online government funded school is unique in relation to customary self-teaching in a few key manners. While online understudies regularly complete their exercises and tasks from home, the educational plan and guidance are given by the school. That implies understudies are instructed by state-affirmed instructors in a gathering of their friends, much the same as in a physical government funded school. However, since the guidance is conveyed on the web, understudies have more open doors for customized learning and can all the more effectively suit their timetable to their requirements.

Is internet self-teaching free?

Conventional self-teaching typically includes costs for educational program and hardware. K12-fueled online government funded schools, nonetheless, are educational cost free, however certain provisions and administrations, for example, PC hardware and internet service charges might be needed at the family’s cost. While families don’t pay educational cost for an understudy to go to an online state funded school, basic family things and office supplies, similar to printer ink and paper, are not given. Our enlistment experts can help address your innovative and PC questions and needs.

Is it acceptable to self-teach your youngster?

A family ought to consider their particular needs and objectives when choosing the correct training choice for their understudy. While a few families choose conventional physical schools, some lean toward the more dynamic function of self-teaching, which requires a parent, gatekeeper, or other confided in grown-up to choose and show the educational plan. Numerous families find that K12-controlled online government funded schools are a significant other option — consolidating the advantages of state funded school, for example, state-guaranteed educators and pre-chosen educational plan, with the more prominent association and customized discovering that customary self-teaching understudies appreciate.

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