Why Are Cougars More Lustful?

One of the predominant reasons why men find dating cougars appealing is due to the fact that she is more likely to be confident and self-assured, whereas younger women are perhaps considered to be insecure and dependent. Older women are especially more confident when it comes to their sexual behaviour and it has being scientifically stated that women between the ages of 27 – 45 experience more sexual desires. Men however, reach their sexual peak at a younger age and so it makes sense that younger men are better matched sexually at least, with an older woman.

The reason why cougar Alphafysiotherapie Medische training women are more confident sexually is not entirely down to simply having more experience and enjoying an increased care-free approach to sex than someone in her early 20’s. The science or theory behind a woman’s rising sexual activity or desires is largely due to her fertility which declines with age, and therefore the female hormones automatically react to this. It’s harder to get pregnant as you get older and the body subconsciously copes with this by wanting more sex. This lustful behaviour in older women isn’t a recent ‘trend’ or about women becoming more sexually empowered in modern society – our female ancestors also experienced exactly the same increasing sexual desires between the ages of 27 – 45.

A psychologist named David Buss recently carried out a survey and asked 827 women to fill in questionnaires about their sexual habits. The survey concluded that women who had passed their peak fertility years but had not yet reached the menopause were the most sexually active. Regardless of whether these women were mothers, married or single, those in the age bracket of 27 – 45 were more sexually interested or active than those in their early 20’s.

Men often claim that they cheat on their wives or partners with a younger women because evolution programmes them to feel the need to seek someone more fertile. Although this isn’t necessarily a reasonable excuse, cougar women are similarly attracted to younger men (and perhaps inclined to cheat on their husbands or partners) because they can better match their sexual desires than a man their own age.

So, if you are a younger guy looking to date a cougar, be prepared as you now know the science behind her lustful behaviour!

Oliver Jameson is the founder of, a free dating website for older women and younger men.


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