Using Reiki to Gain Self Knowledge and Insight

Self knowledge means knowing all parts of ourselves, even the parts we do not like. Just accept that you have those parts, and then gently work on your self. Be aware that what you don’t like in others may reflect some aspect of your shadow self.

Another dimension of self knowledge is that your body stores emotional experience. So, pain in your body reflects pain in your emotions. You may find that yoga is needed to release from the body what meditation releases from the mind. Include yoga meditation and asanas (postures) in your daily training in addition to sitting meditation and continuous mindfulness throughout the day.

Mindfulness nourishes greater awareness of anxiety  f2art and the creation of limiting beliefs. The following questions are included to guide you to know your true self as you create yourself moment by moment, thought by thought. Only you can ask, only you can answer and only you can know. Reflect on each of these questions and see which ones resonate with you, positively or negatively, as indication of need for changes in your thoughts and beliefs about yourself.

To what extent do I blame others for doing what I myself exhibit, but hide from myself?
Are my critiques of others more accurately read as an indictment of my own shadow self?
Before condemning her, would it be more effective to identify my own flaws?
Personal Insight through Reiki

Use Reiki to discover answers to your most perplexing questions and solutions to your most challenging situations. The Reiki experience is exemplified by one student who has studied Reiki 2 and Reiki 3 over the last few years. She introduces herself by saying, “I am Dilhara from Sri Lanka. I come from a difficult family background and growing up I always believed that I was meant to do something and help others and find myself. I had problems with self esteem and could not fully believe that I could set goals or achieve them. I had a great opportunity to do Reiki 1 Training. It was a great experience and I knew that this was my calling. During the next few months I moved countries and finally was able to achieve my goal in becoming a therapist.”

Dilhara explained further that, “My experience of Reiki 2 was amazing and gave me such a positive outlook on life and everything around me. I love my job, my apartment and now looking forward to a promotion as a supervisor. I have achieved my dream of buying my own land. I continued my final stage in becoming a Reiki Master and successfully achieved that with my Reiki Master. One last challenge in my life that I needed to do was to stop smoking and I have finally managed to accomplish this! I feel at peace with myself and find by sharing my gift of Reiki Universal energy I am able to help others and feel more complete. I feel in control of my life and take every day and every opportunity as a blessing and I’m grateful for this Great experience.”

Her experience shows great self-knowledge plus the courage to make changes in her life. To gain insight into your own personal situation, draw a triangle on a blank sheet of paper with the top angle remaining open (resembling a diagram of a volcano). Inside the triangle, write the exact question that you would like to address. Draw the Reiki 2 symbols on the paper. Draw Cho Ku Rei at the top of the triangle, Sei He Ki at the right side and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen on the left side. (If you are practicing Reiki 1, you can use this technique without the symbols.)

Hold the paper between your hands. Meditate on your question and listen to your intuition for answers. Here are a few life changing questions and requests to guide you in your growth through Reiki. Reflect on each of these points and adapt them to your own situation at this time in life.

What do I really want from life?
What is the most suitable method for my personal development?
What is the ultimate source of my knowing truth?
Where is my true value?
Please increase the flow of Reiki to deepen my spiritual awareness
Please deepen my meditation practice
Please send Reiki to support me to prioritize my life
Please show me how to best develop myself for the benefit of all beings
By writing your questions, using Reiki symbols and meditating, you develop a greater ability to manifest a better quality of life.


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