Fart Causes – The Main Causes of Farts and Flatulence

The 6 Crucial Points on Fart Causes – Must Read

1. Flatulence is a condition which many people find highly problematic, as humorous as it may be to others. There is no doubt that everyone breaks wind from time to time – in fact, it would be worrying if you did not. However, how much of a problem flatulence really is depends on what is causing it. Fart causes can be as obvious and cliché as the good old baked bean, yet as esoteric as some persistent nagging fear or worry.  f2art  It is important to consider what you are exposed to in everyday life before becoming concerned about your health. If you cannot attribute a rise in flatulence to any one of the more usual fart causes, then you should start to consider a trip to the doctor.

2. Fart Causes We All Know About:

It is well-known that everyone farts from time to time. This is no big deal, but it is when you begin to fart more often or more painfully that is becomes a problem. There can be a range of different reasons for it, and very few are worth worrying about for long. Most of us know about the most obvious (and most common) fart causes, and are fairly accepting of the issue. Knowing those fart causes can help you prevent flatulence from becoming a real problem. The most obvious include:

3. Diet. It is no big shock to anyone that what you eat can have an effect on what you… produce. Beans are the most famous of all fart causes – in fact, they even have a rhyme devoted to them. However, other foods can be problematic too. There is a long list, and if you have a dietary intolerance it simply grows. If you are drinking a lot of carbonated sodas, that could be the problem. They’re gassy, one of the major fart causes.

4. Medical causes. This is not limited solely to medical conditions that cause flatulence in and of themselves. It is also not uncommon to find that flatulence is a side-effect of medicine that you take. If you are on antibiotics, for example, the healthy bacteria that help your digestion will be suppressed along with the bad bacteria – compromised digestion is one of the major fart causes.

5. Less Common Fart Causes

The obvious causes are not the only ones which can play a part in flatulence. It is important to pay close attention to what you do on a daily basis, and consider how any anomalies affect the level of flatulence. If you do something different, and your flatulence is affected, you may identify one of your particular fart causes. It may be nerves, or it may be a raised level of exercise (with the effects that that has on breathing and therefore on digestion). The most obvious fart causes may not be the ones causing your flatulence.

6. It is important to consider, too, that there may be a medical issue that needs to be referred to a doctor. Nonetheless, it is important to make sure you can rule out the most obvious and harmless fart causes before you get too worried.

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