How To Develop The Habit Of Reading

Developing the habit of reading is a good thing thing because reading enlarges our knowledge and understanding, and gives us insights and perspectives we may not have seen, had we not read. Reading brings us into intimate contact with the author of the materials we feed upon. It reveals to us the person’s state of mind, and can even bring us into the discernment of the thoughts, feelings and admiration of great souls. Reading is more, much more than just passing time. It is in essence using our time wisely, to gain comprehension, some of which may be used to better our lives and the lives of those with whom we come into contact. Oh, the thrill of reading the great autobiographies and biographies of those who accomplish awesome feats. Seeing the magnificent deeds that were done, and realizing the odds which were against the person highlighted in the book, only serves to paint upon the canvas of our imaginations what really could be possible, if we would dare to dream bigger and pursue that dream with a determination never to quit. Reading is fun.

The sooner we develop the habit of reading, the better for us. The longer it takes to practice the skill of reading, the harder it will seem to do so, yet we can all develop this habit if we so desire, and it is well worth our time.

We can read books of adventures, which soul reading reminds us that life, amidst all of its difficulties, should also offer us some fun. By these books we can also be made to realize that life without the journey of taking calculated risks is not really living at all. Talk about boring.

We can read of books which teach us and give us knowledge concerning the career that we desire to pursue. Or, we can read books which show us how to get the things we want out of life. There are books which can teach us how to make money and books which can teach us how to save money. There are books which teach us how to better our lives by losing weight and I am sure you may find a few which will show you how to gain some as well.

Some books are full of romance for the romantic soul, while others contain drama and suspense for those of an investigative mind. And then again, some are filled with stories of people who simply overcame obstacles and desire to show us how to do the same.

My favorite kinds of books are those which show how people yielded their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s Son, and how He changed them and used them to do things which are yet impacting the world. I love books. My over-all favorite is the Bible.

Books are vital to the development and advancement of civilization. If you desire to change, read good, wholesome, inspiring, motivational, financial, historical, biographical and suspenseful books. (Yes, also ensure that you read the Bible too). Read, Read, Read.

By the way, that is exactly how you can develop the habit of reading. Read and keep on reading. Anything you do long enough becomes a habit.

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