Advantages of a Solar Fountain

A solar fountain is bound to look great in any office, home or garden, not to mention the aesthetic attraction that it’ll provide to your space. They are a great way to mimic actual fountains in a manner that is environmentally friendly. Since they use solar power you are spared the expenses of paying hefty power bills. These are not the only advantages though – there are plenty more below.

1. Matters of energy conservation

A solar fountain will offer you handy energy conservation abilities by virtue of its versatility. This gadget can be used comfortably both indoors and outdoors since you don’t require power outlets to use it.

While indoors, you can use the solar fountain to substitute your humidifier. In this way you will save on energy and subsequently on your power bill. In the outdoors, a solar fountain can be placed virtually anywhere. All that you need to do is to have the solar panels placed in the direct path of the sun. This is necessary since the panels fitted on these fountains don’t store energy for later use.

2. Solar fountains are low maintenance

Of all the designs of fountains that you can have, solar-powered fountains are the least complicated to use as well as maintain.

There are different varieties that you can buy and all these come with pleasant handiness to suit your requirements. There are solar fountains whose panels can be placed as far off as 15 feet away in any position that you fancy. Additionally, there are solar fountains that are fitted with electrical pumps to enable you to use them even on the cloudiest of days. You can also purchase a battery that will store the solar power during the day enabling you to enjoy the fountain’s pleasantness after dusk.

Solar fountains are also made to switch themselves off automatically such that you don’t have to worry in case you forgot to switch them off yourself.

3. Discover the floating solar fountain

A floating solar fountain is made in such a way that the panels and the pump are a single unit. This design implies that there is very little installation to be done. You can place a floating solar fountain in your pool such that it spews water like an  Newsrooms actual fountain. The absence of a power cord means that the gadget can float unfettered on the surface of the water.

4. They are available in a variety of designs

There are mainly three types of solar fountains that you can choose from depending on your preferences; pedestal fountains, cascade fountains, and single bowl fountains.

Pedestal fountains feature single or multiple tiers mounted on a pedestal. These stand between 2 and 3 feet high. Cascade fountains are shorter than pedestal fountains and have more tiers. Water flows from the top tier into subsequent tiers until it reaches the main bottom tier. The solar panels for

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