Is That Professional Hair Dryer Worth The Money?

A professional hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron, etc. are wonderful styling tools. They are designed to last longer and provide more power and options than those available at your local discount store. But are they really right for you and me? Maybe not.

A trained stylist is better equipped to judge the health of your hair and make decisions about the products and tools that will get the result you want. Professional grade styling tools are meant for a stylist to use on his client and not for the client to use on herself. They include options like higher wattage on a hair dryer that the average person may inadvertently misuse.

For example, when your beautician is drying your tresses, she can stand back and keep the recommended 12 inch distance from hair dryer to scalp. Even if you like stretching out your arm, you may not be able to hold it at that distance the entire time you are using the dryer. The same with flat irons or curling irons that have the capability to get very hot. This can be dangerous in the hands of someone who isn’t proficient with using them and may perhaps hold the iron on a strand too long. In both cases, you end up with damaged hair.

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