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Sometimes they would luck out, and get noticed by someone. Others got hired to be additional workers on large projects; they wouldn’t be trusted to do detail work, but would be necessary to stay on schedule. More often than not, they would never get discovered until much time had passed after their death, when their paintings would be discovered.

Even now, there are many extraordinary pieces that have been created that we cannot link to anyone in particular. That is because their piece are completely anonymous, and their style so unique that we cannot even say it was inspired by any particular artist. Others can be linked to apprentices of the great masters, whose names may not be known, but their style is recognized.

Nowadays, everything is signed in some way, even if it is with a pseudonym. People are much less concerned with being discovered so that they may survive, but are still doing no less to ensure that if given the chance, they can put a name to a piece of their artwork. Only time will tell where their name will end up.

[] is the premiere online art gallery for Boston’s own fine artist, Veny. Art by Veny is the showcase that allows art appreciators from all over the globe, the opportunity to buy acrylic paintings or even to commission original, custom art by Veny herself. In homes and businesses throughout the world, Veny’s high quality acrylic paintings on canvas are an expression of emotion and feeling blended in color and lovingly captured forever on high quality canvas. Veny’s freedom to experiment with art techniques has produced a style that is all her own. Buying artwork created by Veny will satisfy your need for high quality fine art with value.

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