Ingredients of Accidents

As a Fengshui and Bazi practitioner, I get a lot of enquiries on how to use information on a person’s Bazi (4 Pillars) to avoid bad events or make the best use out of good events. One of the event that interests readers most is those related to accidents and injuries. For this session, I will touch on how we can deduce the possibility of accidents from reading the Bazi chart of a person and of a particular day.

In Bazi, there are 12 zodiac bazinga animals that are termed “Earthly Branches” and another 10 elements that are known as “Heavenly Stems”. The 12 zodiac animals are subdivided into 3 groups of 4 with the certain similar characteristics among zodiac animals of each group. One of the group is called horses and they contain the zodiac animals Tiger, Snake, Monkey and Pig. The reason why this group is collectively termed as horses because in the study of Bazi, these 4 animals signify mobility and travel.

Now, if we are interested in looking out for accidents, the presence of these 4 animals in a person’s Bazi chart or a particular day’s Bazi chart, is necessary. This is because most accidents resulted from moving around or traveling, particularly road and traffic accidents. This has also been statistically corroborated by the number cases of accidents that Bazi practitioners have compiled so far.

However, I would like to caution the Bazi novices against concluding that their friends or family members will meet with accidents simply because their Bazi charts contain anyone of the 4 zodiac animals belonging to the group of Horses. Like the saying goes, “One swallow does not make a summer” and so does 1 horse, who do make an accident happen on its own.

For an accident to happen to an individual, usually his Bazi chart contains more than 1 horse element and the likelihood is that it will be coincided by a day with at least one horse element in it as well. One may then argue that this means a high likelihood of accidents for a lot of people.

There are other conditions that need to be present for an accident to happen as well. First, the horse belonging to the day of accident is usually an unfavorable horse to the individual as determined by the theory of Bazi studies. Secondly, the presence of earth zodiac animals (Dragon, Ox, Dog and Goat) are required because roads are made of earth. The zodiac animals classifieid in the group of earth is another group the total of 3 groups of animals I mentioned in the earlier paragraph. Thirdly, there would be some form of clashes in the individual and day’s Bazi elements in order for it to happen.

With the above knowledge and further application of basic Bazi theories mention in the previous paragraph, one would have a high chance of avoiding accidents.

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