Tips to Avoid These Common Courier Errors

Courier companies nowadays are better equipped to adapt to the changing times – some have completely automated their services to cater to the highly digital world we are living in and some have innovative customer services that are truly dedicated to maximizing client experience. Courier companies like these are clearly at the top of their game when it comes to giving their customers the highest quality service possible. The good news is that many companies that offer courier service in Sydney have caught on to the trend of excellence and innovation like Couriers by Demand Express.

However, no matter how innovative a courier company might be, there are still some unforeseen circumstances that are simply out of the customer and the courier company’s control. These are things like bad weather conditions, heavy traffic, and others. These inevitable situations can lead to delivery mishaps like late deliveries and damaged goods.

There are times when mishaps happen due to some degree of negligence on the courier company’s part. As a customer, we understand how alarming and discouraging this can be. By following the right countermeasures, however, you can avoid these common courier errors and spare yourself from the inconvenience that they bring. This article lists 5 helpful tips on how to avoid the most common courier errors that still happen today. Read on to learn more about these precautionary measures:

Delayed Parcel Deliveries

A delayed delivery is a nightmare to both the receiver and the sender. The parcel might be an important item that both the receiver and sender value and not receiving it on time might harm their convenience. This is especially true when your business involves delivering products to customers. The customers who are expecting to receive your parcel on a certain time and date might be deterred to order again if the delivery is late or worse, if it never came to their doorstep.

The last thing you want is to be on both ends of a delayed parcel delivery. To avoid this, here is what you can do:

The Solution:

If the problem arose due to legitimately inevitable circumstances like weather or traffic, the best you can hope for is that your parcel gets delivered as soon as those hurdles are over. Most courier companies are bound to notify their customers once delivery delays become apparent.

On the other hand, you can also avoid experiencing this by doing a thorough research into the courier’s history. Read reviews online, ask friends about their experiences, and check out their relationship with customers before jumping into the decision to work with them. It is best to find a courier with consistent positive reviews from clients regarding their timeliness to guarantee that your delivery arrives on time.

Receiving Goods in Poor Condition

Another common courier error is delivering goods in poor condition. We have all felt the sinking feeling when all that pent up excitement upon receiving your parcel boil down to nothing as we discover that the goods are damaged, and worse, no longer usable. If you are the sender, this situation can be just as disappointing.

Running a business that relies on the safe delivery of products and goods should not feel like a risk. Having to send a replacement stock can affect your sales, so make sure that you do whatever you can to avoid finding yourself in this situation.

The Solution:

Work with a reputable company. Working with a reputable company might mean you have to shell out a little more than the average cost but it also guarantees that you would not lose a lot on replacing damaged goods. You are paying for the guarantee that your parcel gets to its destination safe and intact after all. The investment is worth it.

So, find the most reputable courier service Sydney has to offer. Ask around, read blogs, and scour the internet. Whatever you do, remember to do your own research.

Overpriced vs Bargain Prices

Courier companies that offer services that are too good to be true probably are, while companies that charge too much for subpar services are also the other side of the spectrum that you have to look out for. Services that are too cheap might give you poor services, but expensive ones are just not worth it as well. How can you strike a balance?

The Solution:

Find courier that offers personalized solutions. This means that they don’t charge for services that you don’t even need in the first place. Companies like Couriers by Demand Express design services based on a client’s specific requirements. This option allows you to tweak the service to your needs so you avoid wasting money and increase your efficiency in one go.

Questionable Customer Service

An excellent customer service is one of the factors that make or break the relationships of businesses and their client base. Rude, unhelpful, and unapproachable customer service staff are some of the traits that deter clients from continuing to build a relationship with a business. It is not surprising to hear stories about customers switching to a different company despite having adequate services purely because of poor customer service.

In the case of courier services, you need people who are level-headed and can maintain a level of composure in heated situations. A delivery service who handles their customers poorly can be disastrous to your business.

The Solution:

Be vigilant. During your initial contact with a courier, you can already gauge if they have good customer service or not. Do they use respectful language? Do they accommodate your requests and enquiries? Are they helpful and willing to assist? If you cannot find a review that says otherwise, the next best option is to experience it for yourself through a call or face-to-face interaction.

Inconvenient Service Issues

Inaccurate quotations, delivery being sent out to the wrong address, untimely pickup – these are just some of the things that can happen when a courier service company pays little attention to detail. If this happens frequently, this can disrupt your operations and may even hurt your reputation.

The Solution:

Find companies with courier service in Sydney that keep up with the latest technology in the industry. These include systems like intelligent route planning and drivers who have adequate training to smartly navigate through those routes.

Choose the Best Courier Service Has to Offer!



Les premières formes 2021


Des spécialistes de sciences historiques comme Korstange14 et Saidi15 dénoncent l’ethnocentrisme de la vision officielle des origines historiques du tourisme. Bien avant le Grand Tour, les journeys culturels sont pratiqués ailleurs qu’en Europe. La custom de l’hospitalité est présente chez la plupart, voire tous les peuples, mais est peu mise en valeur. C’est pourtant cette valeur de l’hospitalité qui est un des principaux leviers du tourisme et de la découverte culturelle d’autrefois, et elle garde une significance relative aujourd’hui. rencontres-tourisme-culturel

Tour, un journey traditionnel en Europe (en particulier en Allemagne et en Italie), entrepris principalement standard des jeunes hommes aristocrats européens. En 1624, le jeune sovereign de Pologne, Ladislas Sigismond Vasa, fils aîné et héritier de Sigismond III, entreprit un journey à travers l’Europe, comme c’était le cas chez la noblesse polonaise18. Il a parcouru les territoires de l’Allemagne d’aujourd’hui, de la Belgique, des Pays-Bas, où il an admiré le siège de Breda standard les powers espagnoles, il a visité la France, la Suisse, l’Italie, l’Autriche et la Bohême18. C’était un journey éducatif19 dont l’un des résultats a été l’introduction de l’opéra italien dans la République polono-lituanien20.

Le terme de « visit » devint populaire en Grande-Bretagne au xviiie siècle, quand le « Grand Tour of Europe » (Grand Tour de l’Europe) devint une part de l’éducation des jeunes et wealth gentilshommes britanniques. Pour parachever leur éducation et fuir le mauvais temps de leur île natale (bien que cela s’explique également politiquement standard le recul du pouvoir de station des aristocrats anglais après la révolution anglaise de 1641 qui se replient sur leur domaine promote en se tournant vers l’extérieur et donc d’autres horizons21), nombre de jeunes gens allaient partout en Europe, mais surtout en des lieux d’intérêt culturel et esthétique comme Rome, la Toscane ou les Alpes, et les capitales européennes.


Activités 2021

L’association Tremplin regroupe in addition to de 40 étudiants, stagiaires de l’école polytechnique et jeunes actifs. Les lycées dans lesquels l’association Tremplin œuvre sont majoritairement situés en Seine-Saint-Denis. Les élèves de ces lycées, volontaires et non-sélectionnés, peuvent participer à des séances d’approfondissement en sciences. Au cours des vacances scolaires, ces élèves peuvent également participer aux différents stages proposés standard l’association. L’objectif est de donner les outils et la inspiration à ses élèves pour qu’ils puissent poursuivre des études supérieures.

L’association poursuit l’accompagnement de ces élèves dans leurs études supérieures.  tremplin-numerique

Effect de l’association

L’association cherche à vérifier que ses méthodes permettent effectivement d’encourager les élèves à poursuivre des études et à les réussir. Elle arrange de témoignages d’anciens élèves qui permettent une première assessment de child sway 6,7.

Pour aller in addition to midsection, l’association a décidé, en 2010, de faire appel à un laboratoire de sociologie, le CREST. Financé standard un investissement de l’état (through le Fonds d’expérimentation pour la jeunesse), ce struggle, mené standard un post-doctorant8, a permis de montrer que la cooperation aux activités de l’association permet d’augmenter de manière significative le niveau en mathématiques et la inspiration générale au travail9.

Références [archive]

Laurence Debril, « Diversité : la tactique Polytechnique », L’Express,‎ 22 avril 2010 (lire en ligne [archive]).[archive][archive]

« Enjeux d’un mécénat de compétences – La Jaune et la Rouge » [archive], sur La Jaune et la Rouge, 5 juillet 2011 (consulté le 1er septembre 2020).

« Témoignages élèves tremplin » [archive], sur affiliation

« Tremplin a 10 ans : témoignages » [archive], sur La jaune et la rouge. [archive]

« Évaluation de l’action de l’association Tremplin » [archive], sur le site du Fond d’experimentation pour la jeunesse

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Managed Services Companies Bring Increased Efficiency

In today’s fast-paced multimedia age, outsourcing is an increasingly prevalent way to expand the growth of a business or to bring people in the front door. From website design to marketing, research, and even advertising agencies, using specialized companies to conduct specific tasks can allow a business to focus more time and energy on productivity. Protecting that productivity, however, is an entirely different matter. There is another type of outsourcing industry on the rise that addresses a corporation’s internal infrastructure. These managed services companies, sometimes referred to as managed service providers or MSPs, offer solutions to problems that may inadvertently slip through the back door.

In this virtual world, where almost all information is stored in or relayed through cyberspace, keeping the digital wheels rolling is essential to every business. Managed services companies can help keep those wheels on track in some or all  IT Support UK aspects of a company’s information technology (IT) operations. The coverage these companies provide can run from as basic a service as alerting a company of potential technical issues to fully managing and resolving IT systems and problems.

Issues can occur in many facets of a business, but having an e-mail service or a financial application unexpectedly shut down may result in the loss of potential revenue or discourage potential customers. As prevention is infinitely more efficient than troubleshooting, outsourcing this department may prove more cost effective than in-house monitoring or calling in a specialist after a system goes down. When it comes to managing expenses, the time and billing involved in such a consultation are impossible to predict.

The services provided by managed services companies include alerts, security, patch management, and data back-up and recovery on all types of devices, including desktops, laptops, servers, and network applications. The tech-friendly specialists at these organizations are typically hired on a subscription basis, depending on the desired service coverage and the number of devices to be monitored.

Perhaps you run a small- to moderate-size business and are unsure if such services would prove cost effective. The following questions can help you determine if your situation can benefit from outsourcing. Does your company need to provide secure links to mobile or remote employees? Perhaps you have a limited staff that makes management and security more cumbersome? Maybe your network needs to maintain connections to multiple stores or offices? If you’re consistently dealing with high-bandwidth applications such as video, your system may also need attention. Your access lines may have issues keeping up with growth, or you may find it more advantageous and efficient to integrate both voice and data traffic. If any of these considerations have come up in your business dealings, it may be time to outsource your network management.


Public Speaking Versus Speaking Well

It should be obvious these are not the same thing. There are a great many people that engage in public speaking and ultimately, a rare precious few that actually speak well!

Most politicians are public speakers, most do not speak well. JFK is a great example of an articulatory master. He could take almost any phrase and articulate it in his Kennedy style that would make it memorable. His famous “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for you country” is the classic example. Let’s be fair but let’s be honest too, these words in of themselves are by no means profound. TheBusinessDaily They were delivered in such a way that made them seem profound. JFK had a gift, a gift we can all be learn from, he was clearly a master of speaking well.

The perception one gives when he or she speaks well is one of authority. Of course the opposite happens when one does not speak well. You may know your stuff better than anyone else, but because your speaking-well skill set is underdeveloped, the perception is that you are not an authority and thus not taken as seriously as you deserve.

Let’s be honest here, speaking well is not easily learned in a book. It’s an exercise that requires regular practice and coaching. No one is blessed at birth with a speaking well gene. It’s something that is developed over time. There is no easy quick fix here.

Most professional people understand all of this and many are in coaching programs to improve this one area. We can all dress for success in 60 minutes or less. We now have the optics in place until we have to speak that is. Those that have both working at the same time are clearly in the very top 5% of their profession.

Everyone acknowledges the advantages of speaking well. And again, it’s that top 5% that are willing to do what it takes to further their speaking well skills. This knowledge is within the grasp of anyone. Keep in mind also that speaking well is ageless and without gender. In fact I guess it needs to be said, the better you look, male or female, the higher the expectation when you speak.

I have been a professional broadcaster and public speaker for 30 years. Enunciation and articulation were my personal coaches. I certainly would not have lasted long without either. I still practice speaking out loud every day, it’s an exercise I’ve never stopped doing. Practice, practice, practice!

So your action item here is, do I continue on as a public speaker getting the same results? Or do I step it up a notch and learn to speak well and join that top 5% group.




Two Way Radios

Doesn’t it seem like hurricane season lasts longer and does more damage every year? Summertime heat waves and winter ice storms appear more severe than ever?

Natural and man-made catastrophes, can result in emergencies and power outages that last a few hours, a few days or, in the most severe cases, a week or longer. This can cost your business thousands of dollars.

Emergency and public safety organizations like police and fire departments, medical teams and college campus security depend on commercial two way radios. Your business can also turn to commercial two way radios in natural disasters and other emergencies. E-Radio Two way radios are an economical resource in emergency situations that can possible save your business money!

Why Two Way Radios Are an Excellent Way to Maintain Communication & Keep Your Business Operating During an Emergency.

1. Two way radios do not rely on cell towers like cell phones do. They operate radio to radio independently from any other system. If the power to a cell tower goes out, or the tower is knocked down, you lose cell phone service. Be prepared and use 2 way radios to avoid overloaded cell phone systems in an emergency.

2. Two way radios do not rely on telephone lines. Phone systems can be knocked out just like cell phone towers. If the power goes out to a phone system, or there is a line in the system that is damaged, you lose phone service. Being prepared with 2 way radios will overcome this potential communications issue.

3. If you apply the tips below and use commercial 2 way radios your team can maintain radio communication around a fixed location or campus of buildings without electricity for hours, even days, in an emergency.

So the question becomes: How can you charge your commercial two-way radio batteries when there’s no power to draw from?

How to Keep Your Two Way Radio Battery Up and Running During a Power Outage, Crises or Emergency:

1. Be Prepared: Even if you do not use two way radios as part of your regular day to day operation you should keep the batteries for your emergency radios charged and conduct a radio check once a week. The weekly radio check will reinforce how to use the radios and instill good radio habits. A weekly radio check will reveal if there are any equipment or personnel issues. During an emergency having to train personnel will consume rather than conserve battery power.

2. Have Spare Two Way Radio Battery Equipment Available & Handy. Many commercial two way radio chargers have a slot for an additional battery. By keeping two batteries charged you effectively double the useful life of radios in an emergency. Additionally some commercial two way radios can be equipped with standard sized alkaline batteries. These alkaline batteries have a long shelf life and can come in handy if the power outage is lengthy.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all commercial two-way radios can take alkaline batteries. In fact, most can’t and only a few have a special “AA” battery holder that fits the radio. Nearly all FRS radios or “Family Radio Service” radios do take alkaline batteries but they do not provide a signal of significant strength and are not recommended for industrial or business users.

3. Charge Your Two Way Radio Battery with Your Computer
If you have an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) battery backup for your computer, it can keep your two way radio working during an emergency crisis or power outage as well. Just plug it in, and you’ll have enough power to re-charge your radio battery to last at least a full day, and maybe even more.

We recently tested this process with a common computer battery back up/surge protector unit with Output Power Capacity of 780 Watts / 1300 VA. We charged three full-powered commercial two way radios with the batteries attached along with three extra batteries in the backup slots of three charger cups.

Tip: Make sure to shut down your computer at the first sign of a power outage. It increases the UPS power that you can draw on to charge your 2 way radio battery.

4. Charge Two Way Radio Batteries with your Car or Truck
If it’s safe to go outside, you can recharge your two way radio battery in your car or truck by using a re-charger that plugs into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. If the power outage lasts a short while, this can provide enough juice to keep things going during the crisis. But if it looks like the power is going to be out for several days then keep in mind that this is also using your vehicle’s fuel and battery.

Tip: Keep the car re-charger for your 2 way radio battery in your vehicle’s emergency kit, so it’ll be there when you need it!

5. Use the Two Way Radio Solar Rechargeable Battery Option
You can use your two-way radio during a power outage emergency if you have a solar rechargeable battery pack. Solar power is becoming increasingly popular as a source of alternative energy. It doesn’t even have to be a bright and sunny day for it to work effectively. Solar power battery recharging kits can service your two way radio batteries.

Tip: Don’t wait for an emergency to use your solar re-charger. You should conduct a weekly radio and charger check to detect any problems and fix them before they become problems during an emergency.


Article Source:


Glimpse at Global Changes Worldwide

Did you know fish and birds are dying all over the world? Did you know that the bee, plankton and bat populations are in decline? Did you know that coral reefs are dying off? Did you know that tornadoes have been spotted, for the first time in history, spinning the wrong way? Did you notice the weather in your neck of the woods may have changed? Did you notice the strange contrail like markings in the skies? Did you know that there are places in Mexico where the ground temperature is heating up in excess of 200 degrees? Did you know that our oceans are heating up by 2 degrees? Did you know that the ice caps are melting and polar bears are drowning? Did you know that during a seven day period in early June there were 772 earthquakes recorded on the California – Nevada border near Mammoth Lake? (Gordon Michele Scallion and others are predicting a volcanic eruption there this summer.) Did you know that due North is no longer due North and airports are changing their runway markings so planes can land safely? Did you know that on May 31st, the jet stream (an extremely fast wind current that flows through the upper atmosphere) touched ground for the first time in recorded history? Did you know that all over North America, migratory birds have stopped returning to their nesting grounds? And that salmon are no longer returning to their spawning grounds? And indigenous tribes throughout the world have stopped having children? Did you know that we are in the midst of complete pole reversal? Did you know that planet X/Niburu is fast approaching? Did you know that the economy is in trouble? Did you know the price of corn and oil are going up?  EarnWithSocial Did you know a food crisis may be looming? Did you know solar flares can cause power outages and even radiation poisoning? Did you know?

Well if you did not know, you do know now. I am not a Scientist, but I am an environmentalist with a fascination and love for the intricacies of the earth’s inner and outer workings, and I can tell you that there sure are a lot of ecological changes happening on our planet. The question is what is causing these changes? Are they natural or manmade? If one wants to play detective they can find reams of explanations on the web simply by Google-ing it! The explanations vary but here are some of the top results. Many God fearing people believe that we are experiencing the end times. That the Book of Revelations is playing out like a daily movie in our lives. Others blame the government stating they are manipulating the weather and purposefully creating “states of emergency” so that the Illuminati can take over the world and reduce our current population by 90%. Other streams of thought are that Aliens are to blame, and that it is they who are using their advanced technologies to wreak havoc on the planet. Many Scientists believe it is merely a natural part of the earth’s cycle and that these changes have occurred before in history and are just repeating these cyclic events. Then there is the Hopi Indians who believe that there is a great “purification” going on while others believe the Mayan prophesies are coming to pass. The New Age movement believes that human consciousness is rising to a new level and after the earth goes through its changes a more pure and loving earth will be born.

I am not sure who has the right answer to the current world’s problems, but I do know one thing for sure. This is one competition that being right really has no winner. If we are heading for extinction I am thinking does it matter what the cause is? I do believe though that it is better to be safe than sorry. If you knew the biggest storm of the century was going to hit your city what would you do? You probably would rush to the grocery store (you and 1000 other people) to stock up on supplies right? Well based on everything you have read above, do you think a great storm might be looming, whether it be economic, ecological or through warefare? If you were ever a Boy Scout, Brownie or Girl Guide, you should still have that inner nudge that says, “Be Prepared!” Being prepared for any disaster is being responsible. It is not being an alarmist. If nothing bad happens, rejoice in the many supplies you will not have to buy and throw a big celebratory party.




Microsoft Support: Anytime, Anywhere Help for Microsoft Products

For every user that has a Microsoft Windows computer, getting stuck with technical problems can turn out to be a nightmare. Most of the times when you are in need, your computer make you disbelieve the every reason it is manufactured for. But then it happens and happens quite often due to hardware or software problems, human errors, or catastrophes like flood, power outage, theft etc.

Some problems are quite unavoidable due to which it also becomes unavoidable for your computer to escape from them. Sudden hard drive failure, computer crash, malware infection, computer hijack, software problem, and accidental data loss are among a few problems that you have no control on and that can put you down on your knees looking for immediate help.

All computer users know that computer and technical problems go hand in hand. It is just not possible to isolate problems from computers or vice-versa. Some users remain prepared for such contingencies in advance while some continue to use their computers unless met with accidents.

The point now is what you should do in case of an emergency. If your computer has crashed or you have lost access to the Internet or to your important data, you would want to immediately seek Microsoft support to overcome the problem. You may not be able to figure out the problem on your own, especially if you had a system crash or virus infection. This needs the real expertise of Microsoft support.

When we talk about Microsoft support, the first name that comes to our mind is Microsoft. After all it is the company who made Windows, Outlook, and Internet Explorer among other products.

It’s not just you but more than half of the world uses Microsoft products and hence requires timely Microsoft support to take care of the problems that occur and could recur any time during the day or night. Today, numerous Microsoft support options are available to users across the world. There are several companies other than Microsoft that offer excellent Microsoft support to customers across the world for Microsoft product problems.

Support is available for all the lines of Microsoft products including Windows 7, XP, Vista, Office, Windows Server, Outlook, or Internet Explorer etc. You might wonder what could possibly differentiate such companies from Microsoft. The major difference you can find is that of pricing and access. Third-party companies offer more affordable and immensely convenient technical help options as compared to Microsoft.

Since Microsoft is a giant with massive operations and also seems expensive only to business users, it might have a greater hold time when users may call in for support. Most of the time such support can only be afforded by businesses. However, third-party companies may dedicatedly cater 24×7 to both business and individual users for technical problems related to Microsoft products. Besides, their wait time is comparatively much lesser   3km than that of Microsoft.

Third-party providers also offer support for those Microsoft products that Microsoft has stopped giving technical support for. For e.g. let’s talk about Windows XP. Microsoft will withdraw technical and any kind of Microsoft support for Windows XP by the mid 2013. It would even stop rolling out patches, updates, and security definitions required for the smooth and safe functioning of Windows XP. In order to continue using your computer (if running XP), you will have to upgrade to Windows Vista or 7.

Now think that you are running XP on your computer and you don’t have a budget of upgrading to Vista,



A Snake in The Wires of Bohol

One often hears the phrase, “only in the Philippines.” I rarely use it for two reasons, most of the time it is not true. The other reason is that it usually used in a derogatory way. Thought I intend no malice when I do use it, avoid it because I have no desire to beat up on the Philippines, I see too many people doing that, including Filipino. There is no reason to beat up on or mock the Philippines. With that said….

Only in the Philippines, could one see an entire province lose power because a snaked crawled onto the wires. It wrapped itself around some insulators, causing a short which caused a major transformer to shut down which then knocked out power to all of Bohol. There is no word on the fate of the snake, but I doubt it ended well for that snake.

Power was out for the entire province for more than 12 hours. Tagbilaran City, the capital of the province, was without power for more than 12 hours according to published press reports. The power went out about 1pm and was normalized over most of the province by 5pm.

Bohol is famous for its chocolate hills and wildlife. It has an abundance of pythons and the tarsier. The other major attraction to Bohol are its “chocolate hills” and the floating restaurants.

Power outages in the Philippines, I think are devastating the country. It is an inconvenience to me and the thing I like least about living here, but forget about me, its holding the Philippines back. The Philippines can’t move out of its developing nation status until it puts infrastructure in place to support commerce for the people. I don’t know why it is not in place but I’m convinced it could be.

In Bogo City, we had an all day brown out a couple of weeks ago. That was followed up with about a week of nearly daily brownouts of an hour or two. It is not that unusual in the Philippines, from what I can tell, Northern Cebu gets hit by this more often.

I live in Bogo City which in in the nearby province of Cebu. I was ready to move a few months back because of it. At that time though, there were brownouts all over the Philippines. Nearly every area was having frequent blackouts. It was blamed on the drought. The brownouts did subside once the rainy season started which ended the drought. They didn’t go away though.

Brownouts are a part of living in the   Newsrooms Philippines. They are more frequent in some places than others. There are fewer in Manila. I’ve not spent much time in Manila though, so I’m not certain of that. What I know is only by word of mouth. For me, blackouts are the worst part of living in the Philippines.

Rusty Ferguson

Follow my experiences in the Philippines. You can also meet locals and expats that live in the Philippines. We share our experiences within this tropical paradise. Come tell us about your dream of living in the Philippines. Learn more about how to make that dream come true. Its a social site making it easy to interact with those already living the dream. It can enrich your retirement in many ways, including the lower cost of living.



最近、多くの消費者はスキンケアの合成成分を潜在的に有害であると扱っているので、そうすべきです。 あなたが自然なスキンケア製品があなたのすべてのスキンケア問題への答えであるかどうかあなた自身に尋ねているならば?答えは確かに「はい」です。私は、他のタイプを使用するのと同じように天然のスキンケア製品を使用しても同じようにうまく対処できない単一の皮膚の問題に遭遇したことはありません。確かに、私は20年余りしか実践していませんが、これまでのところ、自然なアプローチでは治療できない皮膚の状態は見られません。もちろん、重度の3度の火傷などの緊急の病状は例外です。体の一部など 私が最近出会うことができる「ナチュラルスキンケア製品はすべての問題への答えですか?」というタイトルの記事で、著者は次の質問をします。 それで、ナチュラルスキンケア製品は私たちのすべての問題への答えですか?特定の皮膚障害の治療に天然のスキンケア製品が利用できない場合はどうなりますか?合成スキンケア製品は非常に有害なので、禁止する必要がありますか? 答えは、自然のスキンケア製品が私たちのすべての問題を解決するわけではないということです。たぶん著者は尋ねるべきだったでしょう…それで、自然のスキンケア製品は私たちのすべてのスキンケアの問題に答えるためですか? -その場合、答えはまだ「いいえ」であり、今日市場に出回っている他のスキンケア製品も、自然であるかどうかにかかわらず、そうではありません。 はしか、水痘、ヘルペスなどの多くの病気は、症状の一部として皮膚の要素を持っている病気です。天然のスキンケア製品を使用すること、さらに言えば、合成的に処方されたスキンケア製品がこのタイプの状態を治療できると考えるのはばかげています。 確かに、内科(天然または薬物ベース)と高品質の天然スキンケア製品を組み合わせて、かゆみ、刺激、赤みなどに対処しますが、スキンケア製品が水痘ウイルスまたはその他の感染症に影響を及ぼします。 同様に、他の長期的な障害と同じように、皮膚の問題は多面的な複雑さを持ち、治療への体系的なアプローチを必要とします。 一方、合成化学物質の必要がないというよりも、単に乾燥した、油性の、成熟した、または敏感な肌を指している場合。皮膚炎、乾癬、または同様の状態の治療では、遺伝的起源でない限り、これは当てはまりません-症状の制御以外にできることはほとんどありません。これは、天然のスキンケア製品が他の製品と同じように行うことができます。良くないにしても、合成同等物。 大量生産されたスキンケア製品のほとんどは、100%天然のスキンケア製品であるか、合成成分を含んでいるかにかかわらず、内部の病気のプロセスが関与する状態では機能しません。たとえば、ホルモンの不均衡はにきびを引き起こす可能性があります。このにきびは、ホルモンの不均衡が修正されるまで続きます。 同様に、ウイルス感染は皮膚の発疹を引き起こす可能性があり、ウイルス感染が対処されるまで持続します。繰り返しになりますが、発疹には必ず局所軟膏またはクリームを使用してください。そうです、それが自然なスキンケア製品であることを確認してください。体内に化学物質を追加する必要がないため、利用や排除が難しい場合があります。 。 同じ記事で、上記の質問に対する回答は次のように述べています。

これらの質問に対する答えは人によって異なります。しかし、実際には、合成防腐剤が含まれているため、100%天然の天然スキンケア製品を見つけるのは非常に困難です。天然の防腐剤を含む天然のスキンケア製品がありますが、それらのコストは有害である可能性があります。さらに、そのような天然スキン製品は、より短い貯蔵寿命を有し、したがって、天然スキンケア製品の製造業者によって好まれない。 まず、100%天然のスキンケア製品を見つけるのは本当に難しいことではありません。高品質のナチュラルスキンケア製品を製造している企業は数十社あり、Yahoo、MSN、またはGoogleを使用して問題なく見つけることができます。はい、それらは高価になる可能性がありますが、ロレアル、ランコムなどの主要ブランドによって製造された合成化学物質を含む同様の製品よりも高価ではありません。実際、ほとんどの場合、はるかに安価です。 第二に、天然のスキンケア製品に天然の防腐剤が含まれているからといって、それ以上高価になることはありません。私たちはさまざまなナチュラルスキンケア製品を製造しており、20年以上にわたって製造しているので、知っておく必要があります。私たちは世界中のお客様と私たち自身の患者に供給しており、お客様の80%以上が長期のお客様です。当社の製品の中には、グレープシードオイルや小麦胚芽油などの天然防腐剤を使用しているものがあり、どちらも非常に高価ではありません。 さらに、エッセンシャルオイルは周りで最も強力な消毒物質のいくつかであり、いくつかは強力な抗生物質の特性も持っており、正しく使用すれば、問題なく少なくとも2〜3年間天然のスキンケア製品を保存します。さらに、私たちのナチュラルスキンケアおよびパーソナルケア製品の多くには、ハーブ抽出物が含まれています。ハーブ抽出物は本質的にアルコール性であり、アルコールは非常に優れた防腐剤です。ご覧のとおり、高品質のナチュラルスキンケア製品には、防腐剤(合成のもの)を加える必要はありません。 この著者はさらに次のように述べています。 天然のスキンケア製品は天然なので、肌に害を及ぼすことはないという誤った考えを持っている人もいます。スキンケア製品の適合性は、それが合成であるか天然であるかに基づいていません。不適切な天然スキンケア製品は、合成製品とほぼ同じようにあなたに害を及ぼす可能性があります。したがって、天然のスキンケア製品を使用しますが、合成のスキンケア製品も受け入れてください(天然の溶液が利用できない場合に必要になる可能性があります) 確かに、私たちは皆、自然が強力な物質を生成することを知っています、そしてこれらのいくつかは私たちがそれらにさらされた場合に最も強力な殺人者です-ストリキニーネは私の来る例ですが、自然の中で見つかった物質は問題を引き起こす可能性があります、いくつか他よりも深刻です。古いお茶を飲んで心ゆくまで飲むことができるのなら、なぜ他に何年もハーバリストを訓練しなければならないのでしょうか? 多くの人があらゆる種類の化学物質にアレルギーを持っています(つまり、合成化学物質だけでなく、天然に存在する化学物質も意味します)。しかし、それは製品のせいではありません。残念ながら、これらの人々は特定の物質に対して過敏症を患っており、免疫系を治療する必要があります。合成代替品を使用しないでください-天然物質は合成化学物質と同じくらい強力です、なぜ現代医学は激しい痛みを治療するためにモルヒネベースの薬をまだ使用していると思いますか? -より強力な鎮痛剤である合成代替品はありません。 特定のスキンケアのニーズに合わせて適切に配合された天然のスキンケア製品は、より安全で、通常はより効果的で、合成のカウンターパーツよりもコストがかかりません

自然なものであろうとなかろうと、肌に使用する新製品を購入することを選択するときは、次のことを考慮する必要があります。 常に成分リストを見て、アレルギーの可能性があるものがあるかどうかを確認してください。 製品の使用を開始する前に、まず皮膚の小さな領域を適用して、望ましくない反応がないかどうかを確認してください。 あなたはあなたが気づいていない製品の何かにアレルギーがあるかもしれません、そしてこれは天然物質であるかもしれないしそうでないかもしれません。 あなたがそれを買う前に、製品が何をするのか、そしてそれが何のために示されているのかを知ってください。 お肌のタイプやお肌のニーズに合った商品をお選びください。 よくわからない場合は、製造元に問い合わせるか、メールを書くか、電話をかけて説明または支援を依頼してください