The Advantages of Reading Consumer Reviews

Rheingold’s Flowers (not their real name) asked me to improve their search engine ranking. I did a variety of Google searches for the business to see how they came up with different relevant keywords. Sometimes their site didn’t come up at all, but every time I searched sites like dominated the list – usually coming up first. I took a look at their reviews on, and they had 10 negative reviews! Ouch! And not very accurate, either…I would know, because I’m a client of this florist, and I also happen to know other people who use them and love them.

Concerned for my client,  consumer review I went to two other consumer review sites and looked at the reviews. The other two sites for this same clients have great reviews. Hmmm. I wondered whether one or two bad reviews had attracted more bad reviews. I even wondered if the same person might have posted all of the bad reviews. And, I noticed that most of the reviews didn’t focus on the main service (the floral arrangements themselves), but rather on fairly minor elements of customer service and store set-up.

You can see how could work against your business – even if you’re great at what you do. So it’s essential, if you own a local retail or service business that serves the general public, that you act pro-actively to make review sites your own.

In case you aren’t familiar with, it allows consumers to set up a free account, and use that account to review local businesses. There are many sites like, such as (which focuses on nightlife), and (which is a directory of businesses without reviews).

Coincidentally, has come up in many conversations I’ve had with business owners this month. I also know of businesses that are getting a lot of business from For example, a woman I spoke with at a networking function says she gets the bulk of her business (she applies permanent make-up) from

Seeing the new popularity of sites like – and the dangers these sites can pose – makes me urge you to go see if comes up when you Google yourself. Also, go directly to and see if you are listed and how your listing has been handled. Explore the site by looking at listings for other businesses you know.

If yours is a consumer service or retail service, I recommend you sign up with Ask a colleague who is also a client of yours to list you…and write the first recommendation. Then you do the same for another colleague-client. Don’t exchange reviews…Instead use a circle of reviewers so everyone in your circle gets the initial review they need. Then ask a few clients if they’d review your business on It wouldn’t be ethical to pay them to do this, though you could certainly do them a nice favor a month or two later in appreciation.

You want to claim sites like as your own by having your long-term, true, blue clients write about you first. I also recommend that you Google yourself, your business and your keywords each month to see where and how you are listed.

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