Free Web Traffic: How to Use Article Marketing and Keywords for Online Success

Getting targeted traffic to your website might see as the most challenging task about starting a successful business online. The truth is, it is actually as easy as setting up your blog on blogger. It just depends on how much time and effort you invest on it. It can be amazingly easy to get tons of free traffic to your website if you know the right way to do it. How? There are a million ways to increase traffic to your web but I will guide you through my favorite, and in my experience, most effective one:

Article Marketing.
This powerful tool will help you get tons of web traffic to your site if you use it the right way. So what’s the right way to write an article? Before rushing and submitting your articles to sites such as ezine articles, you must make sure that they are original, helpful, and well written.

How to write a good article? Sit down and write for 10-20 minutes about your niche (or for as long as your mind can keep giving you ideas without forcing your mind too much), just letting out the ideas, information and advices in your mind. Now re-read and correct any mistakes you made during your writing. Make sure it is useful and makes sense. Give it a 10 minutes check and edit until you are happy with your article.

Done? That was the hardest part of writing an article. Now add a little of the big secret of success: Key-words. Learning to write a key-word rich article while delivering a relevant and useful information at the same time can turn tricky, but with of practice you will soon be a article writing expert.

I found using GKT (Google Keyword Tool) is the best way to get ideas of which key-words you should be using to increase the potential of web traffic your article could bring. Try to spread them around your article without letting it sound too repetitive, or else people will notice something weird on your article, leave or not click on your links. So just squeeze in some of the best key-words you find on your GKT search and you will be soon watching web traffic results translated in numbers, followers, links, everything.

Take this article for an example. I searched for traffic. Results came up and I found words like targeted traffic ranking up high on global and local search, but also very high on competition. That would mean two things: it sells a lot, but it is also hard to get ranked high since there is a lot if people using them. In the other hand, I found key-words like web traffic ranking high on searching and low on competition, which means it is an useful key-word and I should squeeze it a bit more than the other key-words I am using. Look back on my article and see how I used key-words all over. As an example article I used bold on all of them (Search robots also LOVE bold and italic) and overused them a bit to show you where they are and how they are supposed to be blended in, and if you pay attention you will find articles full of blended in key-words in them ranking high on search engines. That is the article marketing web traffic secret.

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