2007 Article Writing To Buzz Or Not To Buzz Word – That Indeed Is The Question

Should online article authors use buzz words and Industry Jargon in their articles? It makes sense in online article marketing to use some buzz-words and phrases to insure good search engine placement on the subject matter. It also makes sense no to over do it, otherwise you might appear to be talking over the head of some of the potential readers and thus they will not complete the reading of your article. Some of the successful online article marketers take no chances, as they write two articles for each Industry Specific Subject;

1.) An Article Using Buzz Words and Industry Jargon.

2.) An Article in Purely Laymen’s Terms with no Buzz Words

Another concept I have had is to consider that many people do not know what a “buzz word” is and so they search the buzz word on Google, Yahoo, MSN or Now then if these Internet Surfers search a particular Buzz word wouldn’t it be nice if they came to YOUR article? So, what I have done over time is make titles of articles such as;

Read This Article if You Want to Know what a UAV is?

What is NanoTech?

What is SmartDust?

What is RFID?

If you write articles like that you will find that you can write one article for every buzz word in your industry and attract people to your website or to the article. Also you do your reader a favor when you explain something and then put the “Buzz Word” in the sentence.

“To help streamline efficiency in distribution many companies are now using Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID Tags).”

This way your reader learns something while reading. Many times acronyms become “buzz words” too. By doing this you are educating the reader without making them feel stupid like you were the first time you ran across the new buzz-word yourself.

Another fun thing to do is to; “Create-a-Word” and I often do this in articles. Make a whole new word out of other words to illustrate a point. Sometimes and this has happened to me. I see the word used again by someone else in the industry and eventually who knows it may become adopted and you created new “Jargon” yourself. Go for it! Have fun!! Perhaps this article is of interest to propel thought in 2007?

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