Frost Valley YMCA 2021

Wawayanda, the camp moved to its current area in 1958.

Throughout the late spring, Frost Valley runs a camp for long term olds, the vast majority of whom are from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. All through the remainder of the year, Frost Valley has school gatherings and different associations for ecological instruction and conferencing exercises. theadventuretrip


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Day Camp

The day camp program at Frost Valley runs for about two months (four meetings, 12 days each). Every meeting begins a Sunday and finishes on a Friday, and almost 500 campers go to every meeting. Around 250 late spring staff show up the week prior to the main meeting, a considerable lot of whom were campers when they were more youthful. Campers are separated into towns by age and live respectively in lodge gatherings. Every town has a comparing sibling or sister town for the contrary sex of a similar age. Camp is isolated into equal parts, Camp Wawayanda (ages 7–12) and Camp Henry Hird (ages 13–15). During the day, the camp timetable incorporates Specialties, Waterfront, Sports and Games, Feeling Good and an Evening Program.

The Wellness Philosophy has been a piece of camp for a very long while. The camp advances development “as a primary concern, body, and soul” and the maxim is “Assemble Strong.” Frost Valley centers around keeping its visitors solid and upbeat.

The last seven day stretch of summer is committed to a Family Camp where relatives from all ages meet up for seven days.


Towns are groupings of lodges or stops, and most towns oblige 30–40 campers each. Campers live in lodges or hotels that rest eight for each room. There is a 1-to-4 or 5 guide to camper proportion, aside from when a camper has dialysis, all things considered, there is a 3:8 advocate to camper proportion.

The towns are:


Pokey (Pocohontas) and Totem entering second, third or fourth grade

Susky (Susquehanna) and Forest-entering fifth or sixth grade

Lakota and Outpost-entering sixth or seventh grade

Henry Hird

Sacky (Sacajawea) and Hemlock-entering eighth grade

Tacoma and Lenape-entering ninth grade

Windsong and Pac (Quinnipiac)- entering tenth grade

There are likewise a few blended sexual orientation towns in with unique centers: Adventure Village (recently known as Woodwise), and MAC (Mainstreaming at Camp, YAI National Institute for People with Disabilities, for youngsters and youthful grown-ups with formative disabilities.[1]

Different towns have additionally existed throughout the entire existence of the camp, including Sequoia, an experience town, and Phoenix, the antecedent to Sycamore. Iscusfa was an expressions program that was last ran in Summer 2006.

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