Plastic Food Containers – Why PET Plastic Containers Are the Best Choice for Food Sales and Display

When it comes to producing, storing, and transporting any food product, the most important standard to maintain is the cleanliness and security of the product. No one will purchase food that appears to be dirty, spoiled, or tampered with and should any of these elements arise, the reputation of the product and company may be at risk.

It is important when considering the many packaging and display options to consider the long term impacts to the food product. Will the product be secure from moisture or airborne smells and gases? Will the packaging appropriately display the product without distracting from it or limiting the exposure? Will the food maintain an edible appearance and quality? And, is the food secure both from theft and tampering?

Plastic containers successfully address all these concerns and greatly benefit food products being stored in such containers. PET plastic containers (Polyethylene terephthalate) provide a great barrier for food products against moisture and gases. The food may encounter a variety of these product hardships as it is transported to retailers and stored or displayed in various locations. Heinous smells would become a great deterrent for customers, and moisture can make many foods soggy and unappealing, effectively ruining the product.

PET is clear, meaning it can effectively get out of the way of the product. The plastic is not tinted, allowing for maximum protection from the outside world, and providing minimal distraction from the food meant to be displayed and sold. The clear material maintains a clean feel, and presents an appealing product to customers. The plastic barrier simultaneously keeps the food the way it was intended: edible and appealing.

Many different lid options are available with plastic food containers. Some lids can snap on and off for quick access and speedy re-securing. Another option is threaded lids which provide a little high level of security, because they require slightly more effort to open and close. However threaded lids have fewer chances of being accidentally opened or spilled. The final lid option comes as tamper evident lids. These are particularly important with many food products as consumers only want food products that are safe to consume. These lids are meant to be opened only by the customer purchasing the edible product, and would alert them to any tampering should the seal be opened.

The last great benefit of PET clear plastic containers in relation with food products comes in the safety of the material itself. PET is FDA approved for use with or around edible products. The plastic should not add chemicals to the food as other types of plastics may. This upholds the integrity of the product, unlike some other forms of plastic that should never be use around food do to safety concerns.

PET is a great choice for protecting and displaying a wide variety of food products. From liquids, candies, snacks, and countless foods of various types, PET safely keeps them fresh and appealing. As a great barrier from foreign material and a great insulator for securing the food, plastic containers benefit virtually any food product.

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