5 Top Tips For Getting Free Hits And Traffic To Your Website

They say that the best things in life are free. When it comes to getting free hits and traffic to your website, this is very true. The best traffic is often the traffic that money can’t buy. It’s true that you can buy loads of traffic on various traffic networks, but the fact of the matter is that the most targeted traffic often comes from free sources.

Spending your time and effort on generating free hits and traffic to your website will be time well spent. Apart from being free, free traffic is often highly targeted and can greatly increase your online efforts in getting your website to be noticed by millions. Regardless of your market, there are people looking for what you’ve got. The only challenge is to connect to them and the various strategies for generating free hits and traffic is aimed at exactly that – real people with real needs. This is primarily why free traffic is such good traffic.

The secret behind many top marketers success is their traffic sources. Highly successful marketers know how to get free traffic and they often have sources that Joe Public won’t even think about. There are hundreds of sources online for getting free hits and traffic to your website. Here are five easy ones that you can use immediately to start driving free traffic to your website.

Tip #1 – Creating Content For Distribution.

Sharing is the secret behind creating tons of free traffic. One of the oldest and most effective sources of free traffic is to write and distribute articles for use by eZines and other websites. More recently websites like YouTube opened up more opportunities and by creating different types of content, you can leverage your efforts with high traffic websites which will use and distribute your content. Although you can potentially get huge amounts of free traffic from content distribution, the process tends to be very time consuming.

Tip #2 – Getting Search Engine Traffic

Search engine traffic is still the biggest and best source for getting free hits and traffic to any website. The search engines, to a large extent, control the traffic on the internet. Not only can you get huge amounts of free traffic via the search engines, but search engine traffic is excellent traffic as it is highly targeted and very credible. The biggest challenge with getting free hits and traffic from search engines is actually getting a decent ranking with the search engines. The top spots are highly competitive and getting to the top can be a tough (and sometimes expensive) job. Using software like SEO Elite can greatly help you in your efforts of getting top rankings with the search engines without breaking the bank.

Tip #3 – Getting Involved in Online Communities.

Community websites or Web 2 as it is commonly referred to, has become the free traffic source of choice for many marketers. By getting involved in forum discussions you can get a lot of highly targeted traffic. Birds of a feather flock together and online this is also very true. People tend to find other people with similar problems and interests and if you can help and be a part of such a community in your niche, you can be of service. In return you can get loads of free hits and traffic to your website. Posting comments on forums and blogs can be very ‘addictive’ and you can easily get caught up in discussions. It’s important stay focused on ‘helping’ and not just to post for the sake of it. Once you establish yourself as an expert you will get more than just free traffic.

Tip #4 – Start Your Own Lens On Squidoo: was masterminded by marketing legend Seth Godin. Squidoo is a blog-type website where anyone can start their own Lens on any topic. The search engines absolutely television  love Squidoo and your lens will quickly get indexed Рmeaning more search engine traffic to your site. However, within the Squidoo network, you can generate loads of free traffic and Squidoo really has a lot of cool stuff you can use as a marketer.

Tip #5 – Craigslist: Google’s new Best Friend:

Craigslist is a classified website where you can post free ads. At first glance it might not sound that glamorous, but this is an excellent source for more free hits and traffic to your website. For some reason Google loves and your ads will be indexed within 24 hours. Apart from your ads showing up in Google searches, your ad will be seen by millions of visitors who visit Craigslist every day. Your ads don’t even have to be ‘ads’ and you can just as easily write product reviews and articles to get free traffic from this excellent traffic source. The only downside is that your ad will only show for 30 days before it automatically gets deleted. It used to be just 7 days and if you consider the amount of free traffic you get, posting your ad once a month is not such a bad deal anyway.



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