Ode, to the Mighty Midget Omac [In English and Spanish]

Part One
Midget History

I am thirty-six inches tall, that is all–

Honest to god I am
My hair is green, my eyes red, and I

Have a very thick neck

My eyebrows are thin, and my beard

Has three hairs…
And I bore abuse, when I was young

Yes! It happened to be; day by day…

…folks laugh at me, my appearance

You see…I make them appalled.

I am middle aged, not very old, nor am

I: pious, poor, or a fool;
My wrinkles and blemishes are as they

Are–I’d not change them

…for food or gold… .

I came from a race, from within the earth

More ancient than man himself;
So what do I do, I leave it to you–

Just call me Omac, the Mighty Midget.


Ah! I’ve lived in this world of evil and bad–

Sad and heartbreaking, to say the least
Everyone preoccupied with everything–

With neighbors, housewives and thieves.

The only one I can think of, that I do not

Despise or hate, is an acquaintance
I’ve met, in the depths of Iceland,

He left me a riddle to think:

Said he “Why do you call me a great man?

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