Arabic Language Program – 3 Top Arabic Language Programs Tested & Rated

To learn any language – and Arabic in particular – you need to learn through an Arabic language program. Language programs can facilitate the learning as well as to help to increase your abilities to speak like a native speaker. The hardest choice you’ll find is to find an Arabic language program that will be of the highest quality. I’ve done the hard work for you to find some of the better programs available on the market today.

1# Pimsleur Arabic

Pimsleur Arabic is one of the oldest programs on the market. It is hugely popular because for a long time they were the only reputable dealer in language software programs. The Arabic language program is fairly straight forward but narrow. It’s only based on audio material and does not offer reading and writing components to help learn those aspects of the language. It is marvelous though at implanting vocabulary into your brain. If you’re looking for a more round approach, look at some of the other programs listed.

2# Tell Me More Arabic

Tell Me More is another new company looking to compete with its Arabic language program. It does have some benefits and features that the others don’t have. It has over 300 hours of learning material – more than the other programs. The negative aspects to the program includes the fact that it targets intermediate speakers and above levels. This is a little bit disappointing as it does not facilitate the learning needs of beginners. It also has a very confusing interface which makes for a frustrating learning session.

3# Rocket Arabic

Rocket Arabic is a new company that has just hit the language learning program and software markets. It is quite innovative and fun to use and learn. It offers some fantastic features and is going to become hugely popular. Its best aspect is its price. It’s cheaper than the majority of products currently on the market today and that doesn’t take away from the quality of this Arabic language program either. It is not as in-depth as some of the other programs but will give you the required knowledge to speak, read and write well.


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