2 Mighty Ways To Change The World

Buon Giorno everyone!! Or buona sera, depending what time you’re reading this…*

It’s my first day back in Nashville and although I’m already missing the beauty and tranquility of the Italian countryside (and the wine, and the sausages, and yes, even the gorgeous footwear!) I’m also super-happy to be back home.

3 big reasons for this; my sweet and amazing partner Matt-who surprised me with a beautiful, delicate white orchid plant at the airport. My incredibly wise and happy dog, Nika, who’s apparently been also incredibly busy chasing squirrels in my absence. Aaand a quick internet connection!

I’m feeling supremely grateful and happy and cozy today (it’s a cold, cloudy day here) and also ready to kick some blogging butt!!

I was going to share about distance and long-distance relationships today, but alas, my mind has changed and I want to share with you things of bigger and deeper meaning.

You should also know that once started on this subject, my cheeks get hot, my heart beats faster, and the panorama of a better world opens up in my mind’s eye, exciting me into further rantings about how it would all work out perfectly.

So, distance and long-distance relationships can wait… and without further ado, I would love to let you in on “2 Solutions That Could Change The World-Immediately!”

About 9 years ago, sitting alone on my bed at a guesthouse in Delhi I watched the news in disbelief… the Twin Towers aflame and a terrifying situation unfolding before my eyes. It was surreal, almost impossible to comprehend that it was actually happening. A massive wave of sadness crashed down on me. But in the angst of feeling the weight of the ‘pain of the world’ in my heart, I had a kind of epiphany.

One moment I was feeling an intense hopelessness, a sadness at the conditions that we were allowing and also imposing on our fellow human beings and our planet. Despair at all of the world problems that seem insurmountable; the injustice and pain that is the experience of unfortunately a majority rather than a minority on our planet.

The next moment it was as if a light had flashed inside my heart and the idea of Two Solutions buzzed in my mind and changed my mood into one of hope and absolute potential, absolute positivity that we can get past our current troubles and create a better, safer, more just world. Now, let me first say that I did not ‘discover America’ here. These two solutions are in fact just common sense, nothing complicated, nothing new.


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