Pictures and Postcards: priceless possessions

Pictures and Postcards: priceless possessions

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Ever since I was a little girl, I have this fascination on pictures. I like nature – sunrise, sunset, falls, mountains, landscapes, flowers. I also like animals – butterflies, puppies, felines. This fascination has led me to my two most loved worlds – that of photography and deltiology.

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When I was a little younger, I took up photography and have myself exposed to different subjects. I find the art awesome. It captures and preserves moments and things you cherish and adore.

I consider photography as a protective cloth for my valued possessions. Memories that cannot be seized for a long moment and things that will deteriorate in the future time will be detained in your photos. That’s the very reason I liked photography.

Along with my photography penchant, I also developed my love for postcards. Basically it is the same as collecting pictures only that you have a message on it and you mail it. Since then, deltiology has been part of my life.

Deltiology or postcard collecting is currently the third largest collectable hobby in the whole wide world. I am so happy that I am part of that hobby. Doing the same, makes me acquainted with different places and things which are both seen and unseen by me. Credit must be given to Franco-Germans since they are the ones who produced the very first historical card.

The present era is a photochrome postcard milieu. It is also commonly called as ‘modern chromes’. It started in the year 1939 and stays up to the present time. I am influenced by this milieu in the sense that I have learned to incorporate my pictures to come up with customized postcards.

With customization, the creator is given a wider leeway. He can put in his choice of pictures and captions that way the postcards created will appear more personal and warmer than those customarily made.

Since, these postcards are not that ordinary thus, it must be processed through custom postcard printing. A special postcard printing process that acknowledges your postcards special needs. When you have opted custom postcard printing, be sure that you only entrust your printing needs to a credible and reputable commercial printing that way you can be secured of the results. You need not be troubled with discrepancies and other annoying aftermaths.

Nowadays, I do not worry about my priceless possessions. I just enjoy them to the fullest!

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