Charging For Reiki

Reiki and charging money – a highly charged subject indeed!

If you are not of the Reiki community, you could be forgiven for thinking that anyone working for free or almost free is totally mad.

So what is it about Reiki that is contradictory to charging for one’s time? Nothing. As a matter of fact, Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, advocated an exchange for the healing in order to empower the healee to take an active part in their healing process.

And how did the Reiki healing community get to this point?

History has a part to play. When Reiki first came to the West, people were charged obscene amounts of money to become a Reiki healer. This was not a true reflection of the value of the initiation and teaching to the healer, and healers rebelled against this at the first opportunity.

Then again, there is the way in which Reiki at a professional level spread through the world. From a purely financial point of view, it was largely, and for many still is, a cottage industry for housewives, the disabled, retirees, and people already in work looking for a second income. It is very easy for anyone in this situation to miscalculate their true overheads. It is even easier not to need to make a living with Reiki if there is already a source of income, be it a loving husband, disability benefits, a pension, or a secure job.

There is also the driver which leads us to Reiki in the first Place. Most of us come to Reiki because of a need for physical or emotional healing. This may be our own need or that of a loved one whom we know is suffering. Immediately after the initiation, a Reiki healer starts self-healing each day, and soon progresses onto healing loved ones in need. The emphasis is on self-development and helping loved ones. The Reiki healer then spends months or years in this relationship with Reiki, and it is very hard to suddenly switch to having a financial relationship with Reiki too.


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