Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Chesapeake Virginia

If you are considering moving to Chesapeake, Virginia, it is important that you get to learn a few things about the town first. Chesapeake is a wonderful place to live in and you are sure to make yourself at home there in no time at all. Let’s take a look at some of the things you will be able to enjoy once you make this your home town.

You Will Eat to Your Heart’s Content

It seems as if Chesapeake is all about the food. Firstly, there is the pie and petting zoo, where your children can enjoy all the farm animals while you go around sampling the various produce that are on offer here. The town is also a macaroon heaven, if you enjoy your sweet foods. The best place to go for macaroons is the Terebinth Patisserie and Bistro. This retro store sells macaroons in an unimaginable number of flavors. Get there early, however, as they sell out quickly.

Indeed, even vegans can find everything they need to eat in Chesapeake. The Sage Organics store is filled with natural food that are certified organic and GMO free, as well as being completely suitable for vegans. If you have ever considered completely changing your diet, you know for a fact that you won’t be hungry here.

It’s All About the Past

The Terebinth is not the only retro place to go to in the town. You are likely to have many enjoyable days spent at SoNo, which is the historic center of the town. A lot of regeneration efforts are taking place to return this area to its original charm. More and more stores are opening up and are trying to give people a true blast from the past.

One of these stores is the Rodger’s Banana Pudding Sauce Retro Store, which is another place where you can indulge in Chesapeake’s favorite other hobby: eating. This store is famous because of the story behind it, being that of a retired sailor who’s daughter encouraged him to start marketing his mother’s banana pudding recipe. They have some truly delicious puddings on offer, all served retro style.

SoNo is also home to an amazing flea market. It is owned by Tina and Robin, who are true town heroes for their generosity and kind spirits. They are always at the forefront of new charity and community events and are working tirelessly to ensure everyone gets equal opportunities in life.

Besides SoNo, there is a focus on antiques in the town as well. Various homes across the city have been transformed into antique stores. These have fascinating names such as “Granma Had One” and “We Had That.” The best stores are found on Antique Alley, which is at the intersection of South Military Highway and Canal Drive.

The Schools Are Amazing

If you are raising a family, then Chesapeake is a great Chesapeake Chiropractor  place to go to. Their school system is absolutely outstanding and you will know for a fact that your children will receive the best education possible. The best schools are found in the Hampton Roads Area, although you will need to contend with a huge waiting list to get your little ones in there.

There are also many activities geared specifically towards children and their cognitive and social development. This includes the Fun Forest and the annual Shriner’s Seafood Fest. Additionally, the town is home to the Chesapeake Planetarium, which has allowed children to gaze up at the night’s sky for over half a century. It was the first planetarium in the country to have been constructed entirely by the public school system.

It Is a Great Place for Commuting

Commuting is something that we would all like to reduce as much as possible. This is why Chesapeake is so popular, because they have created a road system that allows for easy access to all the main roads and towns. Hence, you could consider moving to this town even if you work in one of the other towns in the state, because it will be so easy to reach them. Additionally, once you return home from your commute, there is plenty in terms of adult entertainment as well. You can enjoy the wine festival, even though there is no vineyard in the area. Or you could go to Big Woody’s, which has two bars in the town itself, and simply relax over a cold one. There is even the Grill at Great Bridge, which will make you feel as if you are walking in on an episode of Cheers.

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