Raise Your Children in Light, Truth and Love

In addition, the consequences that every thought creates. By the energy that we give to each thought, we create either a positive or a negative outcome. Thought comes first, then the words, then the action. Thoughts are real forces. Understanding and harnessing the Power of our Thoughts is the key to discover the true potential which lies within all children.

As more people become aware of children’s lighting The Power of their Thoughts and how important it is to change their negative thinking to positive thinking,the evolution of this planet will be changed forever-for the greater good of all humanity.

A great percentage of children go through life without positive knowledge. They have absolutely no control over their thoughts, their mind just thinks whatever it wants to think, with no regard as to who it may hurt. Their mind is running wild and out of control.

Many children have not been taught about the Power of Thoughts. They did not learn it in school, or from their parents or teachers. Because many adults do not know.

Adults teach children what they know, but what they know may not be so. Many adults live completely in the outside world. A world that is prevalent with Negativity, Manipulation, Lies, Illusions, and Disappointments. Driven by materialism and narcissism.

Many parents do not know how to make wise choices. Many parents also go through their whole life without learning life skills. Parents do the best they can to raise their children with the knowledge they have learned, in the circumstances and situations that they lived in. If they have been raised in a negative destructive environment, to often the negativity is passed forward generation to generation until someone decides to make a positive change. Will that be you? Will you make that change? Will you break the chains of negativity in your family? Negativity is like a generational curse. It is very destructive.

To live a good balanced life we must first learn to live from the inside out. The true spiritual person is within. Be the one to take a leap of faith. Change your life and become a positive, loving, contributing, and kind, uplifting person. Learn to live from the inside, your transformation will shine on others. Especially the ones you live with.

Even if you fail and keep backsliding, Keep on working on yourself. Never give up. Allow yourself to drawn by the stronger pull of what and who you really are.

Unfortunately, we cannot change someone else. We can only help others by setting an example.
People will change by seeing the change and differences in us. Continuously keep seeding the Light, the Truth, and the Love. Children thrive on Love, Firmness, Understanding, and Consistency.

We must first become the changes we want to see in others. Let the true authentic perfect person within who knows all truth evolve. All people have the seeds of divinity within them. Negativity will separate us from Divinity.

Discovering the Power of Thoughts is the key to the discovery of the true potential within us all.
As people become more aware of the power of their thoughts, and how important it is to think positive, contributing ,uplifting thoughts they will be more prepared for life. Prepare your children for a good life. help them to understand that we will never rise any higher in life than our level of thinking.

Positive thoughts, words, and actions, reap positive results. All children are born with the seeds of greatness planted deep within them. They all have Value, Identity, and a Purpose. They are V.I.Ps.
Unfortunately for some, these seeds are not nurtured therefore they never grow. They live a whole life time in negativity and pay the ultimate price.

Do you want your children to walk through life in righteousness? Do you want your children to fulfill their hearts desires and to follow their dreams? Do you want them to struggle through life living with the consequences of their transgressions?

You will never find a successful prosperous enthusiastic vibrant and happy person speaking negatively. That scenario just does not and cannot exist.

How many parents say they love their children, yet they speak contaminating destructive negative harsh words to them. How many parents are raising their children in duality? Telling children not to do certain things yet doing them yourselves. Telling them to tell the truth, yet they hear you tell lies-to often. Teaching them false piety or false beliefs. Do you ever question your beliefs, do you ever ask yourself, How do I know this belief is true, or where it came from, before you pass them on to your children.

A wise man once said, One evening an old Indian wise man told his grandson about the battle that goes on in our mind. The constant battle of negative and positive thoughts. One of these is evil he said; It is thoughts of anger envy jealousy regret sorrow greed arrogance self-pity guilt resentment lies revenge inferiority false-pride superiority hate fear and ego.

The other Is good, It is love peace joy hope faith serenity humility kindness benevolence empathy generosity compassion true-truth acceptance and an open heart with goodwill towards all men and for the wonderful world that we live in. The grandson thought about it for a few minutes and then he asked his grandfather. Which one will wins this battle?

The One that you choose to Feed and Focus on. His grandfather replied.

We all love our children but they often become strangers to us. This is a time to look within and ask yourself, What can I do to improve my relationship with my children? Do you tell your children you love them and then kill it with your words? Are you contributing to your relationships twenty four hours a day? Alternatively, are you contaminating your relationships twenty four hours a day?

This is after all your choice.

Do you speak to your children in an offensive rude insulting cruel hurtful manner? This can kill a childs spirit. Do you speak untruths? This teaches children to lie. Do you react to everything by yelling and screaming obscenities when they misbehave? This causes a child to withdraw. Do you use the silent treatment. This makes them feel unwanted.

This is unacceptable behavior you are behaving like a child. It is time for you to grow up and behave as the parent. Please talk to your children with love and respect as little adults. Negotiate and seek new ways to fulfill each other’s needs.

I know it is hard to have self-control all the time, however please do not react to every little thing. Stay calm and speak with understanding, do not take things personally as though everything is your fault. It is not about you. It is about your children and their life. You are the parent. Parents are the guardians the teachers and the protectors of children. Take responsibility for that.



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