He is God? Or He is Nuts, a Liar, a Blasphemer?

There is a major issue in our present reality, “What do we do about or what’s our opinion about Jesus. For the Christian, He is everything. For devotees of Judaism He is yet to come, for the Muslim he is nevertheless an extraordinary instructor and for different religions he is irrelevant. Notwithstanding what you, dear peruser, accept regarding the matter, I would figure you would need to concur that Jesus is presumably the most disruptive subjects and the purpose behind a significant part of the scorn that exists on the planet today.

The initial assertion by C. S. Lewis, “Christianity isn’t the lone truth on the planet however it is the solitary complete truth,” will be hostile to a few, yet I need to investigate is benefits or it issues with you. Lewis is stating that he is eager to announce that there are components of truth in every strict conviction, however after much examination and “sole” looking, he has decided Christianity is the most complete, all things considered. Right?

For us to get a complete knowledge into the assertion by Lewis, we need to get a brief look at Lewis, all things considered. C. S. Lewis (Better know for his books The Chronicles of Narnia) was brought into the world in Belfast, Ireland in 1898. Lewis, an affirmed nonbeliever, was acknowledged at Oxford; and two companions he met there, J.R.R. Tolkien (A Roman Catholic and creator of Lord of the Rings) and Owen Barfield (another Christian believer) tested him and in 1929 Lewis turned into a theist, recognizing the likelihood that a God existed; after two years, 1931, he turned into a Christian. A portion of different books by Lewis are: Pilgrim’s Regress, Mere Christianity, The Abolition of Man, Miracles, The Problem of Pain, The Screwtape Letters, and the Great Divorce are a couple.

Being enlivened by the life and works of C.S. Lewis, I have resolved to attempt to prevail upon those of you who don’t have confidence in God, to those of you who state that someone needed to make the world (theist), to those of you who have faith in just a single God, (monothiest) to those of you who put stock in a three-fold God, and to those of you who are in a condition of otherworldly disarray, an undertaking for which I don’t know I am doing. In any case, coming up next is my effort to do exactly that.

Theist, nonbeliever, monotheist and freethinker

A theist is somebody who accepts that there is an inventive power behind the universe appearing. A nonbeliever is somebody who essentially doesn’t trust in God. A monotheist is an individual who puts stock in one God and one God as it were. A skeptic is an individual who needs to have confidence in God yet is constantly befuddled concerning his reality.

I enlighten you concerning Lewis, since he goes from not having faith in a God, to the chance of there being a God and at last that not exclusively was there a God, yet that God became fragile living creature and abided among men. At the end of the day he came to accept that Jesus Christ was the Son of God just as God Himself and that the Holy Spirit is God moreover. All in all, Lewis had faith in the Trinity, that God was God, Jesus was God and the Holy Spirit was God.

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