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Most, if not all, Costco areas have a food court.[80] They can be inside or outdoors,[81] however the menu is basically the equivalent: wiener with drink (quite possibly the most famous things), pizza, frozen yogurt, Pepsico refreshments, prepared things, and sandwiches.[82] Sometimes, things are added to the menu occasionally. Costco offers a quarter-pound 100% hamburger sausage and 20 US liquid ounces (590 ml) drink (with tops off) for US$1.50, a similar cost since 1985. Some US areas likewise offer Polish frankfurter or bratwurst notwithstanding wieners, at the equivalent $1.50 price.[83][84][85] In Australia, the sausage is made of pork and is sold with a huge soft drink for AUD$1.99. In Canada, the cost for a frank and soft drink with tops off is C$1.50.[86] In Mexico, the wiener is made of 100% meat and incorporates a beverage (with tops off) for MXN$35. In the UK, the wiener is likewise produced using hamburger and clients additionally get a beverage (with tops off) for £1.50. Costco sold in excess of 137 million quarter-pound (113 g) sausages in its food courts in 2017.[85] In Taiwan and Japan, the wiener is made of pork as well.[87]

Cheddar, pepperoni, veggie, or combo pizza is likewise accessible in many areas, and can for the most part be requested to go, making Costco the fourteenth biggest pizza chain in the U.S. in 2010.[88] Frozen yogurt is likewise served in chocolate, vanilla, or whirl. Costco likewise offers natural product smoothies, latte freeze (without chocolate), mocha freeze (with chocolate), hamburger bake,[89] chicken heat, turkey provolone sandwiches, wound churros, chicken Caesar plates of mixed greens, meat brisket sandwiches, natural meat based cheeseburgers, meat stew with beans, and in certain areas, gelato. Different areas additionally started offering acai bowls in 2018. French fries are likewise offered in certain areas. A portion of the food court things are just accessible in specific nations. For instance, the bulgogi heat is just accessible in Australia, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan;[90] poutine is just accessible in Canada. There are, be that as it may, brief menu things accessible only in a few nations, similar to the minister taco-beat pizzas in Mexico.[91][92] The nourishment information for the Costco Food Court things is posted on the web.  wholesale

Because of moderate deals, in 2009, the pretzel was supplanted by the churro.[93] In April 2013, Pepsi supplanted all Coca-Cola wellspring drinks at U.S. areas since Coke had raised its costs; this aided keep the frank combo with soft drink at its unique US$1.50 price.[94]

In select Costco food courts, Costco is offering cheeseburgers temporarily to try deals. It will conceivably be another menu thing in the event that it has a success.[95][needs update]

Because of the Coronavirus flare-up, numerous areas suspended all food court activities inside the stockroom, opening them up weeks after the fact to a restricted take-out just menu and supplanting wellspring soft drinks with canned refreshments. Numerous areas have had their seating region eliminated. [96][97]

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