Animators Must Have the Background Knowledge to Compete in Their Careers

One of the best ways to learn animation is to work under a really solid mentor, as an apprentice in a studio that has both actual artwork, and work-ups, as well as computer design capabilities with the latest software for animation. If you can’t find a mentor to help you in this way or you can get a job in the studio until you learn more, then perhaps you might want to kill two birds with one stone. Let me explain.

There is a very good book by a gentleman who’s been in the industry for several decades, way before computers. In fact, helped designed some software programs working with other animators, and computer programmers. He’s been in the movie¬† rekomendasi anime¬† industry and around the industry his entire life, and oddly enough, he decided to write a book on the subject of animation. I’d like to recommend this book to you, the name of the book is;

“The Animator’s Survival Kit; a Manual of Methods, Principles, and Formulas for Classical, Computer, Games, Stop Motion and Internet Animators” by Richard Williams (director of animation “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”), Published by Faber and Faber, New York; 2001. ISBN: 0-571-21268-9

The great thing about this book is that it is fully animated. Everything he describes, he shows how to do it step-by-step literally with sketch art and drawings on nearly every page. This guy is for real, and it is almost as if he is one of the founding fathers of animation. Indeed I’d recommend this book to anyone that is interested in getting a job in animation, or already has a career in or around the industry.

I recommend it to cartoon designers, advertising agencies, marketing companies, game designers, virtual reality consultants, animated presentation specialists, artists, or anyone who is truly interested in one of the best animation books ever produced. So please consider it.


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