Top WAR Online Realm Vs Realm (RvR) Quests Guide

Once you start playing Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, it will stop being just an online game to you. It will become your life. I’m exaggerating, yes, but once you do get into the game, you will find out exactly what I mean. There are just so many things to do, so many exciting challenges, so many challenging quests in the Warhammer Online world that thousands have found it impossible to turn their backs from the game. For example, in the Warhammer Online world, there are what are called Top WAR Online Realm vs Realm (RvR) Quests Guide. In other MMORPGs, these types of quests are in the basic form of beating and looting your enemy.

However, Warhammer Online takes top up online it another step higher (in fact, takes it three more steps higher) by not only having one or two types of realm vs realm quests, but four. Yes, dear avid gamer, there are four types of RvR quests in the Warhammer world for you to feast on. And each one of them is as good as the other. I will give you a brief description of each but before that, let me just talk about Warhammer online RvR quests guide in general.

This quests are also known as “conflict quests” in that winning means you beating an opposing faction whose goal is a complete opposite of yours. Each time you beat your opponent, you gain points. In the Warhammer online world, you will also gain points if you take over a specific zone and control it. How you get these points and how much of them you get depends on the different RvR quest types you take. As I mentioned above, there are four kinds of RvR quest types in the Warhammer world and they are the following:

Skirmish –

these occur in an RvR zone in which you and a player from the opposing camp battle it out one on one. Skirmishes are totally random. It can happen to you anytime, anywhere, and are sometimes connected to another quest that you have.

Frontier Battlefield Objective –

These types of War quests will have you taking control of specific points spread in an RvR zone and protecting the said points from being taken from you by the enemy. If you can keep the control point for three minutes, you cannot be attacked by the enemy for five, thus allowing you to rest and recuperate, or call up some help. This also works for the enemy in that in those five minutes, they can also call up their reinforcements. Exciting, right?

Focused Instances –

This type of RvR quest depends on scenarios. Scenarios involve players entering a specific zone and fighting over objectives (points) that are already pre-determined. Scenarios are battles based on points. The first faction or side that gets the predetermined points wins the scenario.

Campaigns –
this is the final type of RvR quests and is the result of all your hard work and many forays into skirmishes and scenarios. In these types of realm vs realm(RvR)quests, your goal is to capture an entire actual player city. Whatever you find in that player city goes to you. The rewards are mind blowingly high.

Top WAR Online Realm vs Realm(RvR) Quests Guide will surely satisfy any gamer’s need for battling it out with other players. Try it out and reap the rewards of your courage and daring!

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