Top 5 Timeless Military Survival Skills

Have you ever wondered how those military men survive the worst of the worst? Here are their top five most guarded survival skills.

1. They always carry basic first aid kit and know exactly how to use it.

Just like these military men, we should also be equipped in case disaster strikes unexpectedly. And keeping a first aid kit can definitely save a life. But for the kit Survival Skills to be useful, it should contain all the necessary medicines (e.g. antiseptics, antibiotics) and bandages.

Generally, military men are sent for missions in far-off and remote places for an indefinite period of time. And during such times, they get injured. But with their knowledge on first aid application, they can treat themselves with only the kit they have.

2. They possess certain levels of self-defense skills.

Self-defense techniques include martial arts (judo, karate, taekwondo) and knowledge on how to use any item as a weapon for defense. These are the skills that military men are equipped with. Additionally, they are also accomplished marksmen. But the good thing about it all is that, they only use their knowledge on self-defense when there is a threat on their lives.

3. They S.T.O.P.

Basically, STOP means “Stop Think Observe Plan.” And it is a very important skill taught to the military forces. This is what helps them remain calm during adverse situations. But what STOP really means? Here’s a brief explanation:

Stop means to take a break, to relax, to calm down, so you can recognize what exactly is going on around you. Think connotes the presence of mind no matter what happens. To observe is to analyze the pros and cons of any situation very carefully and meticulously. Plan is, of course, about planning your next move on how to get the upper hand when in an unfavorable or hostile condition.

4. They are extremely good at improvisation.

To survive, one must know how to improvise. And on that note, we should emulate the military forces. One must realize that the situation per se is not the important thing. What matters most is one’s ingenuity and willpower to improve the situation in order to save lives.

5. Building temporary but safe shelter is their expertise.

Since military forces spend most of their lives in the wilderness, building a shelter is one of their most basic concerns for survival. They can erect a tent or dig out a bunker at its most advantageous direction. They are also good at camouflaging their shelter for added security.

These are just five of the many survival techniques that the military forces practice whenever they are out performing their sworn duties. And if you need more in-depth information on urban survival, pay us a visit by clicking the link below.

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