Do I Really Need a Super Automatic Espresso Machine?

Indeed, you do.

Are you just not yourself until you’ve had your daily caffeine fix by way of an espresso, cappuccino, or latte? If your answer is yes then you can consider yourself to be a true coffee freak. Like me. Maybe you feel a little bit above drip-brewed coffee drinkers. Like I do. I find it really difficult, nearly impossible, to appreciate a cup of coffee from a drip-drew system. I just can’t. I enjoyed my very first espresso about 20 years ago in Florence Italy. I knew right then that that was the way espresso was meant to be prepared and served.

Are You Really a Coffee Lover?

There’s a simple question that will figure out whether you’re a true coffee aficionado: Do you have your own personal espresso machine at home? If you do have a personal espresso machine in your house then you definitely have earned my complete respect and admiration.

If you don’t, what gives? Do you enjoy waiting in line to plunk down $4 or more for a latte? You’ve most likely desired a personal espresso machine for a long time, correct? Then go ahead and get one! And you want to do it right when you get one, so be certain that you get a a “super automatic espresso machine”. When you get your own espresso machine you will not only earn my respect, you will, more importantly, generate the respect and admiration of any and all of your loved ones, friends, and neighbors that you invite over for an espresso drink that you created by yourself.

Imagine how convenient it would be to be able to create your lattes or espressos right in your kitchen at home, whenever you felt like having one. No more standing in line or waiting in a drive-through. What if all it took to brew one of your favorite espresso drinks was just the push of one or two buttons? I’ll tell you how it would be–it will be grand!

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