Six Secrets of Custom Home Builder Designs

When looking for a custom home builder and making the design of your new home, it’s always good to follow the following tips to help you make a home that will fulfill all of your fantasies.

Keep it simple:

Look for a designer that keeps it simple. Brainstorming and sketching can be more valuable than fancy software when you are making decisions about what your home will be like. Make lists of features together with them, mycustomhome going over things that each room will feature and get it out of your head and onto paper and the design.

Some features are bigger than others:

Start with a clear idea that not all of your fantasies regarding a custom home may be possible, and try to decide which features are worth placing over others. If you try to get every single last idea you have into your home, you can easily inflate and go over budget. For example, if you want both a home theater and a game room, it could be worth thinking about whether it’s necessary to have both of those, or just one of the two.

Design for the long term:

You may be single, or married without children right now, but what of the future? You situation and your plans may change, and you want your custom home design to be able to accommodate that! Be sure to include enough room and space for you future family to grow into. Also, think about people who may come to stay over with you on the holidays, or friends of your children, etc. It pays to think of all those details now rather than later.

Stamp your personality:

The whole idea behind designing a custom home is to make it a part of you, and an expression of who you are. Everything you have been dreaming about having in a house of your own can be a reality. If you want to have a bathroom bigger than the main bedroom, you can. If you want to have a balcony that looks out over the living room, you can!

Don’t forget good old fashioned function:

Even as you try to cram all the possible features and benefits you can into your home design, don’t stop thinking about how it’s all going to work! Keep the bedrooms away from high-traffic or recreation areas, and let the kitchen flow into the dining room. Your custom home builder will be able to help the most with this as they have all the experience about where everything such as pipes, wires, etc. needs to go.

Think about location:

The inside of your custom home is not the only thing you need to think about. Lots of things depend on where the lot you’re going to build on is, like architectural style, how much space you have available to you to use, what utilities you need to build into the house and which you can get from the surroundings, etc. By making your custom home fit into the surroundings, you make it a valuable part of the community as well as a great home for yourself.

Marcela Serio is the marketing manager at Arthur Rutenberg Homes, a Florida custom home builder that has been in operation for 60 years.

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