Islam: Religion of Peace or an Abomination Birthed by Failed Vatican Strategy to Reclaim Jerusalem?

In his book, The Prophet, changed over Jesuit minister and Vatican insider Alberto Rivera exposes the Vatican system to deal with Jerusalem by tutoring youthful Muhammad. Rivera died for his uncover’. He kicked the bucket of harming as per his better half. Rome’s job fits the Bible portrayal as “Mother of Abominations” in Revelation 17:5.

Vatican signifies “Divining Serpent,” and is gotten from Vatis = Diviner and Can = Serpent. Vatican system worked to some extent to instigate Arabs against Jews and [Protestant] Christians, yet when it came time to give Jerusalem to Rome, Islam reneged on the arrangement and henceforth the Crusades to take Jerusalem back from unbelievers, and the following contempt of all Christians by aggressor Muslims.

We take a gander at the “Religion of Peace.”

Islam’s Sura 4:34 indicates that spouses may beat their wild wives if the husbands “dread” overbearing. This term isn’t effortlessly characterized and leaves the entryway to mishandle totally open.

The Quran 5:38 ays, Cut off the hands of criminals, regardless of whether they are male or female. It doesn’t specify youngsters, yet scan YouTube for Sharia Law-a 8 yr old kid has a vehicle run over his arm for taking.

The Quran 5:33 orders passing or the cutting off of hands and feet for battling and tainting the land. The Middle East is loaded up with viciousness and they need to bring their laws here?

In the Quran, Muhammad guarantees the men in his juvenile Muslim people group that on the off chance that they kick the bucket battling for Allah and for him, Allah will remunerate them with a “virgin-rich” Garden (Suras 44:51-56; 52:17-29; 55:46-78).

Female Genital Mutilation got related with Islam due to that religion’s emphasis on female humility and purity, and is discovered distinctly inside or close to Muslim people group. (Wikipedia) It is lauded in a few hadithsayings ascribed to Muhammad as honorable yet not needed.

Muhammad utilizes the Arabic word qital (root is q-t-l), which means fighting, battling, or killing: Quran 9:29 Fight [q-t-l] those among the individuals of the Book [Christians] who don’t put stock in Allah and the Last Day, who don’t prohibit what Allah and His Messenger have taboo and who don’t claim the genuine religion.

So which is the “genuine religion” and the genuine heavenly book?

In the entirety of the abovementioned, it appears to be that the Bible figure for Ishmael was correct – “He will be a wild man; his hand will be against each man, and each man’s hand against him. Beginning 16:12. Nothing has changed; it’s just increased!

The uplifting news sees the finish of aggressor Islam in the Middle East. In Daniel 8, a slam has two horns, supposed to be the lords of Media and Persia, however they are broken by a goat that flies from the west and steps the smash.

Antiquarians state this happened when Alexander vanquished the Medes and Persians in the Battle of Arbela in 331 BC. Be that as it may, Gabriel tells Daniel, “the vision is at the hour of the end.” Dan 8:17. So how could we get it?

Iraq is the topographical region involved by the Medes and Iran is Persia. This vision is half satisfied in the passing of Saddam and this offers expect Israel, likely after Iran accomplishes something inept.

Zechariah 14:1,2 proposes an assault on Jerusalem, likely in the spring (2 Samuel 11:1). The spin-off of this could be ecclesiastical control of Jerusalem’s “sacred spots” and a move by the pope (lord of the north [spiritual, end-time Babylon, Rev 17:5] to Jerusalem, Dan 11:45).

Up to that point, it might appear as though America is Babylon with the disarray of enactment and arrangements preferring homosexuality (3% of the populace by a new CDC study) and fetus removal. We should review from Bible history that Babylon was vanquished by the Medes and Persians as they redirected the Euphrates River into a supply and entered the city of Babylon without a battle during an intoxicated banquet, Daniel 5.

In any case, water in Bible prescience speaks to individuals (Rev 17:15) and America, as well, has had waters redirected to flood our southern line where fear mongers needing to enter our nation have no issues.

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