What Are the Seven News Values?

We frequently talk about seven news esteems held by news media guards—sway, idealness, unmistakable quality, nearness, strangeness, struggle, and money.

01Impact: The quantity of individuals whose lives will be affected here and there by the subject of the story. For example, a pastry shop strike may have less effect than a postal strike.

02Timeliness: Recent occasions have higher news esteem than prior happenings. Of specific worth are stories brought to the general population in front of the opposition. These are known as scoops.

03Prominence: For a similar event, individuals in the public eye have higher news esteem than dark individuals

. For instance, we minded that b-ball star Magic Johnson and entertainer Rock Hudson had AIDS, while a customary resident with AIDS would not have told the consideration of the public news media.

04Proximity: Stories about occasions and circumstances in one’s home network are more newsworthy than occasions that occur far away.

\For instance, columnists survey the estimation of a news thing revealing terrible passings by contrasting the quantity of passings and the separation from the home network. For example:

On the off chance that 1,000 people suffocate in a flood in a distant nation, the story has about a similar news esteem as a story depicting how 100 people suffocated in a removed piece of the United States.

Thusly, that 100 man story has about a similar news esteem as a story concerning 10 flood casualties inside our own state.  ευβοια ζουμ

At last, an anecdote about those ten casualties has about a similar incentive as a story portraying a flood that suffocates one individual in our nearby network.

05Bizarreness: An exemplary illustration of this is canine nibbles man versus man-nibbles canine. Man-nibbles canine is more peculiar. Canine nibbles man typically isn’t news.

06Conflict: Strife is newsworthy. War. Public resentment or unpleasant contradiction over central issues.

07Currency: More worth is credited to stories relating to issues or themes that are at the center of attention of public concern as opposed to issues or subjects about which individuals care less. Stories come and stories go. For instance:

In 2000, the appearance of the thousand years, the website bubble burst, the weapon control banter, W chose president.

In 2001, George W. Shrub introduced, the September 11 assaults, battle in Afghanistan, Russian space station falls into the Pacific Ocean, Timothy McVeigh executed, foundational microorganism research.

In 2002, SARS, U.S. attack of Afghanistan, Andrea Yates blameworthy of suffocating her 5 youngsters, the Queen Mother kicks the bucket, Mars Odyssey discovers water ice, American Taliban concedes, Beltway expert sharpshooters captured, Department of Homeland Security framed.

In 2003, Iraq demobilization emergency, the war and control of Iraq, winged animal influenza, children of Saddam Hussein executed by U.S.

military, The Station dance club fire in Rhode Island, Human Genome Project finished, Bush “Job well done” discourse, Eric Rudolph caught, Staten Island Ferry crash, last Concorde flight,

Green River Killer admits, distraught dairy animals sickness in Washington state, Strom Thurmond and Johnny Cash pass on.

In 2004, the flood of prior stories were supplanted by the Indian Ocean seismic tremor wave, the President’s vision of movement to Mars, same-sex marriage, the hanging of American temporary workers in Iraq, proof of water on Mars,

the Madrid train assault, the Iraq jail misuse outrage, the 9/11 Commission discoveries, tropical storms Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne, the Olympics in Greece, high gas costs, Fallujah, W reappointed president.

In 2005, George W. Hedge introduced, Hurricane Katrina, Huygens lands on Titan, Kyoto Protocol, Abu Ghraib jail embarrassment, relentless performance trip far and wide,

BP petroleum processing plant blast in Texas, Pope John Paul II and Rosa Parks kick the bucket, Live 8 shows, Kashmir quake, Saddam Hussein preliminary, first human face relocate.

In 2006, Saddam Hussein hanged, NASA returns dust from a comet, Indonesia quake murders 6,000, Israeli-Hezbollah battle in Lebanon, Pluto minimized from planet, North Korea’s first atomic test.

In 2007, the Virginia Tech slaughter, Live Earth shows, last harry Potter book, Writers Guild strike, Benazir Bhutto killed.

In 2008, $100-a-barrel oil, markets plunge, the Great Recession starts, Fidel Castro leaves,

Dmitry Medvedev is leader of Russia, Bill Gates resigns, first bionic eyes embedded, Beijing Olympics, Barack Obama chose.

In 2009, Obama introduced, Michael Jackson and Walter Cronkite pass on, the medical services banter, H1N1 influenza pandemic, Iranian understudy riots.

In 2010, Haiti quake, Chile seismic tremor, China seismic tremor, volcanic debris from Iceland disturbs Europe, Pakistan rainstorm, tallest man-made structure opened in Dubai,

Poland president slaughtered in plane accident, entertainer Tony Curtis passes on, Deepwater Horizon oil stage detonates in the Gulf of Mexico,

FIFA World Cup in South Africa, Wikileaks, North Korea sinks South Korean warship and later shells South Korea, school harassing.


© 2011 Dr. Anthony Curtis, Mass Communication Dept., University of North Carolina at Pembroke

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