The Latest News on Auto Insurance

You wouldn’t imagine that car insurance would change that much or that often, but car insurance is no different than politics, movies, or fashion. It’s not so much that things change and insurance has to change along with it, as it is insurance companies figuring out how to better individualize policies based on differences in drivers. In the early days of car insurance there was often one rate for every driver, regardless of the driver’s age, and regardless of the car’s make or year.

Now, things are much different. Each policy is customized and calculated based on a ton of different pieces of information, every one of which could move the price up or down. One disturbing trend in car insurance is a rise in rates for a decent policy, making it all but impossible for those not making much to get a good policy. Anyone can get minimum coverage, but only the well off are able to get ‘full’ coverage.

In much better news, there has been a rise in the number of young drivers. Many insurance companies are offering special student vehicle coverage policies which feature special quotes, flexible payment options, and more. With proof of ID, a license, and an age of 16 to 21, one can qualify.

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