Optimize your website for social media

Besides the above standard SEO practices, you should also optimize your website for modern SEO like adding schema markup and optimizing your content for rich snippets.

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Step 3: Optimize your website for social media
The next step is to optimize your website for social media. This is not the same as social media marketing (we’ll talk about this on step 5), but it has to do with:

Having visual elements (images, video) on your website that can be shared on social media networks.
Adding social media sharing buttons on the pages you want to be shared on social networks.
Making sure that when a user clicks the share button (or shares your URL directly), onzepagina the generated snippet is well-formatted. Adding the necessary open graph meta tags and using image sizes and formats supported by all major networks is recommended.
Many webmasters skip this step and it’s a mistake that can negatively affect your social media promotion efforts.

While it looks like it’s more technical and not marketing related, it does play an important role. If your website does not allow users to share your content properly, don’t expect any social media exposure.

Step 4: Create a content marketing plan
The next step in your website marketing plan is to design a content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing Strategy
When you promote a website online, you essentially promote the content of your website and that’s why it is referred to as content marketing.

The main purpose of content marketing is to help you create the right type of content that will attract new users to your website and keep them engaged.

To create a good strategy, you first need to:

Do your keyword research and find out which SEO keywords to target with your content.
Perform competitor analysis and find out what is working for your competitors.
Analyze Google search results to find out what type of content Google wants for your target keywords (length of content, images/video, etc.).
Once you have a list of topics/keywords you should then create a content marketing calendar to specify when each piece of content will be published, who will write it and how it will be promoted after publication.

Companies who manage to have an on-going content marketing campaign, have more chances of succeeding online than companies that publish content occasionally without a plan.

Step 5: Promote your website on social media networks
Now that you have a constant flow of content being generated, the next step is to start promoting your website on different social networks.

Follow the steps below:

Create Business Accounts on Social Networks

Your first action is to create business pages in the social networks that are relevant to your business.

These are the networks that your potential customers might be using. The most common suspects are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Complete your Social Profiles

Next, make sure that your business pages are properly configured and all information is properly filled in.

Link your website and social media pages

Then, add links to your social pages on your website (in the footer) and also add the relevant schema (this will help search engines associate your website and the business pages together).

Grow your social media following

Having a business page with no followers does not provide any benefits to your business.

You need to spend some time to find and connect with people that might be interested in your business and also influencers in your niche.

Read this to get started: How to gain followers on Facebook
Create a social media calendar

Social media success is based on the quality of your postings. You need to fetch your social media networks high-quality content on a regular basis. That’s the best way to get the attention of users and create an audience for your brand.

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