Book Writing Tips to Boost Book Marketing Results: 4 Simple Ways to Create a Book Bonus

When you’re writing your book, it’s important to give the reader a compelling reason to come to your website. Saying “visit my website for more information” with a link just won’t cut it. Everyone’s too busy to visit without a goal.

Offering bonuses is a great way to get readers to your site AND gain permission to keep communicating with them. They get valuable resources. You get their name and email address along with permission to let them know about your other products, services, book signings, workshops, etc.

Everything you do should make book marketing and promotion easier and more effective for you. Useful gifts do that easily.

Create Book Bonuses Fast

The idea of offering book bonuses sounds easy enough, but you may be wondering how to make great gifts that readers will CRAVE… without making you drop everything for a month to create.

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