List of yellow pages

Afghanistan: In Afghanistan, the Canadian INGO Peace Dividend Trust dispatched a free online index with more than 2700 checked and enrolled Afghan ventures in late 2006.  business directory

Africa: In Africa, a professional reference is YelloPagesAfrica distributed by Yellopages Development Company Limited. It is an online professional reference. It is an intuitive online professional resource with a mission to incorporate African organizations. It covers the whole African mainland and works on a do-it-without anyone’s help premise.

Albania: In Albania, the catalog is called Flete te Verdha – Albanian Yellow Pages which is an enrolled brand name having a place with and Fleteteverdha sh.p.k, from Tirana.

Algeria: In Algeria, the Yellow Pages professional resource is distributed in French as Les Pages Maghreb. It is likewise accessible online in French.

Anguilla: In Anguilla, the catalog is distributed by Global Directories Limited and named Anguilla Yellow Pages. Print duplicates are disseminated free to each phone endorser and is additionally accessible on the web.

Armenia: In Armenia, “Spyur” Information Center presents “Armenia Yellow Pages”. Registry is imprinted in English, Armenian and Russian(17500 duplicates a year). Other catalog Armenian Business Pages was dispatched in 2015 by Comfy LLC and speaks to just advanced rendition of business directory of Armenia.

Aruba: In Aruba, the authority phone catalog of Setar is distributed by Global Directories Limited and named Aruba Yellow Pages. 85.000 Print duplicates are disseminated free to families and organizations and is likewise accessible on the web

Austria: The “Business index” and IYP administrations are given by: HEROLD Business Data GmbH, an European Directories bunch organization.

Australia: In Australia, the most exhaustive professional resource is the Yellow Pages distributed by Sensis. The catalog is additionally accessible on the web, on versatile and by means of cell phone application.


Bangladesh: In Bangladesh, the professional resource is distributed by Ad Yellowpages Pages and named Ad Yellowpages Yellow Pages. AdYP, a sister conern of Ad is another idea presented by the authors of the site. The site give an assortment of data about neighborhood spots and organizations in Bangladesh.

Bahrain: In Bahrain, the professional reference is distributed by Primedia International BSC (c) and named Bahrain Yellow Pages. Primedia International means a principal move away from the customary professional references to new print and online media.

Barbados: In Barbados, the index is distributed by Global Directories Limited and named Barbados Yellow Pages. Print duplicates are circulated free to each phone supporter and is likewise accessible on the web.

Belarus: In Belarus, the catalog is named Business-Belarus (Russian), it is likewise accessible on the web. There is an elective registry, called Belarus XXI vek (Belarus 21st century), which is simple to Yellow Pages; it is likewise accessible on the web.

Belgium: In Belgium, the index is named Pages d’Or (brilliant pages) (French) or Gouden Gids (brilliant guide) (Dutch), and is conveyed free to each phone supporter, it is likewise accessible on the web.

Bonaire: In Bonaire, the catalog is distributed by Global Directories Limited and named Bonaire Yellow Pages. Print duplicates are conveyed free to each phone supporter.

Bolivia: In Bolivia, yellowpages exist online under the URL Yellow

Bosnia: In Bosnia, Yellow Pages exist online under

Brazil: In Brazil, the registry is named Páginas Amarelas and is circulated free to each phone supporter. Accessible online by DYK Internet S/A.

English Virgin Islands: In the British Virgin Islands, the catalog is distributed by Global Directories Limited and named British Virgin Islands Yellow Pages. Print duplicates are disseminated free to each phone supporter and is likewise accessible on the web.


Cambodia: In Cambodia, the authority Yellow Pages index is called Cambodia Yellow Pages and distributed under agreement to neighborhood Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications by CAMYP Co., Ltd.

Canada: In Canada, the organization Yellow Pages Group possesses the brand names Yellow Pages constantly Jaunes. It creates and conveys catalogs in both English and French. Business catalog Group is the market chief on paper and online business indexes and one of the biggest media organizations in Canada, delivering the authority registries of Bell Canada, Bell Aliant, Bell MTS, Telus, and others. Saskatchewan’s SaskTel, through auxiliary DirectWest, is accepted to be the last significant officeholder nearby trade transporter to distribute its own registries. Serious nearby registry distributers, for example, PhoneGuide or DirectWest’s tasks in Manitoba and Alberta, generally remember business registries for yellow paper.

Cayman Islands: In the Cayman Islands, the registry is distributed by Global Directories Limited and named Cayman Islands Yellow Pages. Print duplicates are conveyed free to each phone endorser and is additionally accessible on the web and on cell phones.


China: In China, the cutting edge business index industry was begun in the last part of the 1990s with the development of two global joint endeavors between US business directory distributers and China’s telecom administrators, specifically: a joint endeavor began in Shenzhen among RHDonnelley and China Unicom (later including Hong Kong’s PCCW and InfoSpace); and a joint endeavor between China Telecom Shanghai and what later came to be known as the business index tasks of Verizon[citation needed]. Afterward, another essentially state-claimed telecom administrator, China Netcom started to deliver, either straightforwardly or on a sub-contracted premise, business directory in chose urban communities around the nation. By mid 2005, there were various free neighborhood and worldwide business directory administrators in various urban areas including Yilong Huangbaoshu, situated in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province with tasks in Hangzhou and Ningbo[citation needed]. Notwithstanding, there is no cross country Yellow pages in any arrangement and just some worldwide exchange related organizations including INBIT (USA), CHINAPAGES.COM and ALIBABA.COM (Chinese) are running some sort of public online information bases dependent on business records not from phone organizations. China Yellow Pages is likewise a typical spot for discovering producers and exporters from China.

Colombia: In Colombia, the standard yellow and White Pages are distributed constantly consistently complimentary by Publicar, a Colombian auxiliary organization of Carvajal, which additionally distributes a lot yellow and white pages in other Latin American nations.

Croatia: In Croatia, the catalog is called Žute stranice (business directory), distributed by MTI Telefonski imenik/Zute stranice. Another catalog is CroPages Business Directory/Poslovni Adresar, distributed by Masmedia.

Cuba: In Cuba, the equal online catalog is named Paginas Amarillas, with data in general of Cuba.

Cyprus: In Cyprus, the Yellow Pages is altered by ID Yellowpages Ltd Cyprus Yellow Pages Directory.

Cyprus (North); In Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus CYPYP North Cyprus Yellow Pages

Czech Republic: In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the catalog is named Zlaté stránky (brilliant pages), distributed by Mediatel, Prague (an European Directories bunch organization) and is appropriated free to each phone supporter, normally in return for its past form.


Denmark: In Denmark, a full online catalog including most telephone numbers is given by De Gule Sider (a brand of Eniro, a Nordic web crawler and registries organization), with paper renditions of yellow and white pages disseminated to endorsers all through the nation; it was earlier a piece of TDC Forlag, an auxiliary of the public telecoms administrator.

Dominica: In Dominica, the catalog is distributed by Global Directories Limited and named Dominica Yellow Pages. Print duplicates are appropriated free to each phone endorser and is likewise accessible online at

Dominican Republic: In Dominican Republic, distributed via Caribe Media. Distributing of printed and/or advanced registries in the Dominican Republic.


Egypt: Egypt Yellow Pages Ltd is the authority distributer of Yellow Pages marked items in Egypt. Egypt Yellow Pages Ltd, established in 1991, is the proprietor of the Yellow Pages brand name in Egypt.

Europe: For entire Europe, the European Yellow Pages apply. The European Yellow Pages is an exertion of giving blended information to various language conditions through keeping the personality of having restricted inquiry abilities on a local level. Orchestrating information in this setting implies giving data to worldwide clients principally in English and to nearby clients in their local language.

Europe: For Europe the index is giving data about numerous branches and organizations all around 33 significant European nations.


Finland: In Finland, the catalogs are called Keltaiset sivut,, and

France: In France, Yellow Pages are alluded to as Pages Jaunes. They are disseminated free by, an organization partnered with France Télécom., the .com adaptation of Pages Jaunes, was the issue of a significant legal dispute at WIPO; the first registrant, a person from Los Angeles, won against France Télécom. This court choice guarded by the Parisian Lawyer, Andre Bertrand, was way setting for the entire European Yellow Pages industry, as it concluded that the expression “Business directory” can’t be viewed as the property of a solitary organization. Already, numerous previous state restraining infrastructure telecom organizations outside the US had attempted to boycott rivalry by guaranteeing the expression “business index”, or the interpretation of “business directory” into the vernacular, as their select brand name. Vivendi Universal moved to enter the French Yellow Pages market in 2001 with, yet the endeavor was a slaughtered by a revamping of the striving organization. Another French supervisor of Yellow Pages is Bottin. More rivalry is normal in November 2005 from the

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