Choose a Web Domain

A web domain is a very important decision in building your brand online. The URL you attach to your website sends a message to your visitors. It sets the tone of your business. It can lend credibility, improve search engine rankings, and build the brand of your website. It is therefore important to choose a domain that supports the vision of your website.

Identify the Mission of Your Website

What is the main purpose of your website? Is it to entertain, inform, divert, make money, or something else? You should think long and hard about this before choosing a custom URL for your site. Your URL is one of the first things that searchers will see when they find your page in search results. DomainerElite Your URL will give them a preview of what to expect on the website.

Brainstorm Possible Domain Names

Create a spreadsheet with potential domain names. Brainstorm all potential keywords in your category. Think of relevant keywords that your visitors might search for. You can use the Google keyword tool for ideas of potential keywords. This gives you ideas and also gives an indication of how popular and competitive each keyword is. Make combinations of top keywords with add-on words, such as -world, -central, -depot, etc. This can be an effective way of getting a unique URL in a highly competitive category.

Buy a Web Domain

Once you have found a potential URL that is available you need to buy it. Use a web domain registration service to purchase the URL. This is a very straightforward process. You will need to provide some basic personal information to complete the registration. You also need to decide how long to register the domain. You usually have to register it for at least one year, but you can purchase multiple years up front. This prevents the domain from lapsing. Purchase the domain with your credit card. Many registration website give you the option to automatically renew by credit card each year. This also helps to prevent lapsing.

Point Your Website to the Domain

Once you have purchased your custom URL you need to point your website to it. You need to access your DNS (domain name system) server and create a new a name. Don’t worry, your hosting company can give you instructions of how to point your domain to their hosting account. This process is even simpler if you just purchase your domain through your hosting company.


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