Increasing Formulation Development Efficacy

Because the industry is small and highly specialized, drug companies are in constant competition with each other. Formulation development efficacy often suffers because of the mad race for pharmaceutical supremacy. Each company is trying to one up the other by creating the most advanced pharmaceutical solutions at the fastest pace possible.

The pressure to speedily yet efficiently create critical milestones is heightened by aggressive timelines, constricted funds, and a limited quantity of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) to work with. Companies have learned to maximize these factors through a variety of development options, most formule of which have to do with conserving API.

Solid state chemistry provides a comprehensive set of data that can help maximize the chances of creating new, more effective drugs, despite the rushed development period. Formulation development projects can begin as soon as GLP-grade API is available, so long as the physical characteristics will not encounter any radical changes. It saves a lot of time when scientists evaluate the physical characteristics and stability of their API early on.

Most drug formulators develop simple hard gelatin capsules for the early phase of clinical study. The composition of these gelatin capsules could be either the API alone at an unmodified state, or a simple powder blend of the API and a filler. The process of making these products does not require a long and complex series of chemical concoctions, making it a useful base for simplifying formulations.

Hard gelatin capsule formulations, however, are not always viable for commercial sale. Formulation development approaches such as API in a bottle and powder in bottle (PIB) enable speeding processing into first-in-human studies while still conserving API and other chemical resources.

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