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We believe “trust” is earned by reputation. Our Website developers of Kansas City are Web design instructors at Johnson County Community College, former students of those instructors, and developers with years of Web site design experience. We want to answer any Web questions you might have before you consider paying any company to help you with your Web design and SEO Kansas City needs. With so many Kansas City Web Designer options and companies out there, what do you really need, what’s excessive, who can you trust? Our Website development consulting and low cost local Kansas City Web design and SEO services have saved or made companies thousands of dollars on their Web site needs. For organizations interested in the bottom line, that’s real money. web design in Kansas City Give us a call today at (913) 489-7866, or fill out the quick service form and someone will contact you.


A Kansas City Website is Not a Marketing Plan
A Kansas City Website should support your marketing plan. By itself, a Web site is not a marketing plan. Within your “written” marketing plan, you should have a section on how you plan to use the Web site to help your Kansas City business.

Spend More Time & Money Getting People to Your Kansas City Website Than You Do on Your Website Build
In most cases, utilize more time and budget getting people to your Web site than you spend on the build of your Overland Park, Kansas Web site. Once you have a thriving business going, dedicate more budget to your site.

Build the Site for Your Consumer, Not You the Business Owner
As you build a Website, always consider first what the consumer needs from your Olathe, Kansas Website, before you consider what you the business owner want on your site.

A Website Supports Your Brand, It Does Not Establish Your Brand
Ouch!! All the brand and graphic focused Web designers out there hate me for this statement. Sorry, but a Lee’s Summit, Missouri Website can only support your brand. By itself, it doesn’t establish a brand.

New Customers or Existing Customers
Most Kansas City, and surrounding suburb, small business owners have two kinds of customers. New customers or existing customers. Which of these two customer types makes you more money? Once you’ve answered that question, look at your Kansas City Web site and see which customer type it better supports. If you’re building a new Website, and you have a limited budget, spend that limited budget making the Website support the customer type that’s going to make you the most money.

Kansas City Social Media is a Marketing Choice – NOT a Marketing Requirement
Do not fall for the hype from Kansas City social media consultants that you must be using social media or you are going to be out of business in five years! That’s just not true. Every single business out there has a marketing strategy. It does not have to include social media. BUT, you must look at what is the best way to reach your target market. Maybe using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube could help you with that. Do not replace your traditional marketing with 100 percent social media marketing. Stay blended and do your research before jumping into social media. Free does not mean effective. Remember, time is money. Successful social media campaigns take a huge commitment of time from someone. It might be less expensive to increase your traditional marketing then to do social media. It may not. Do your research and plan plan plan before doing.

The End of Cheap Business Website Hosting
So before diving into the topic of “The end of cheap Web hosting in Kansas City”, let me spend a moment answering these two simple questions.

What is Website hosting?

What is cheap?

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“As a Kansas City, Overland Park, or Olathe Kansas business owner, you should be able to walk away from your Web design company at any time, for any reason, and still have a Web site up and running in your name. Without having to move it somewhere else!”

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