Back Linking – An Exponential Strategy

As a scientist and as a back link expert I am always trying to devise new models to make my back link strategy more effective. I want to use all the tools at my disposal to make my websites rank as highly as they can in search engines. To this end, I want to take a look at the number e, the exponential number. More explicitly I want to look at the equation N = Ae^kt.

Mathematics is beautiful and the exponential number is one of the most beautiful numbers. linksexpert It allows us to accurately model the way real thinks interact and behave in real circumstances. This isn’t just abstract mathematics. It has real world applications. So many real world applications that you wouldn’t be able to get by without having some sort of knowledge of it. I believe that it is important in terms of search engine optimisation as it allows you to make the traffic to your site look like a more natural progression, even if you’re trying to simulate that.

For those of you not really familiar with mathematics, N is a number, the number of back links in this case, A and k are constants and t is time. The exponential number is of course represented by e and ^ means raised to the power of. For example 3^2 is the same as 3 squared or 3 * 3.

In this example, A may be the number of articles you’ve submitted and k may be the number of back links per article. In your own experiments you may wish to examine other variables. If you do this, please get back to me with your results.

This equation shows that over time, N increases based on the parameters A and k but it increases in a very specific way and that is what I find so interesting. It is a natural way of evolving. It’s not a step, where you suddenly go from zero to over one thousand but instead gradually increases over time. Not only does it gradually increase, but the rate it gradually increases, increases over time too.

Exponential numbers are used when you are dealing with diffusion of a gas and radioactive decay. Anything where the number depends on previous numbers. This is why understanding and applying exponential equations to your back linking strategy makes it so much more powerful. You’re essentially simulating the spread of popularity of your site throughout the internet. It is important when you’re back linking not to go over board otherwise it just looks like you’re spamming Google and your sites are less likely to get highly rated.

You can solve the equation above and find out how many back links you need to submit per month, or per day, or per year, to make your website look like it is gaining support throughout the internet. Of course, if it is also getting back links from sources other than yourself you may need to correct and increase the number of back links you generate per month to compensate for the added popularity. Before you know it your site will be ranked number one in Google and you won’t need to make any more back links because people will be doing that for you.

Chris is an expert in back linking strategy and search engine optimisation. Chris has learned these skills through much experimentation and application of scientific rigour to this ‘dark art’ of the internet. You can check out his strategy for making money passively

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