More Oahu Sites That Just About Guarantee Great Hawaii Wedding Photographs

Ready for some more great Hawaii wedding photo sites? Here are some possibilities to bring up with your Hawaii wedding photographer that promise stunning scenery and a fitting backdrop to your Big Day.

Keep in mind that some of these will be more, or less, realistic destinations according to your wedding site and schedule. Don’t worry, though. If these sites aren’t within reach, there are always equally beautiful alternatives no matter where you are in Hawaii. That’s what makes the Islands so special. Your Hawaii wedding photographer should know a few.

For now, here’s some sites on Oahu that always make great wedding photos –

1. Waimanalo Beach
This beach is justly popular with locals. Go at the right time and you have a lot less people to deal with than Waikiki. You might even have good stretches of it to yourself. The ocean laps in regularly giving you a lot of waves, making it a great scene. The white wave crests match the white wedding dress very well. Another feature of Waimanalo are the beautiful trees between the road and the beach area, giving you a unique side of Hawaii that can bring its own beauty to your wedding pictures.

2. Hilton Hawaiian Hotel – Friday Nights @ 7:45PM
Why Friday at 7:45PM? Because that’s when the Hilton Hawaiian Village sets off its weekly fireworks show. It can be seen all over Waikiki. And, you don’t even need to go onto the hotel grounds for your photos. You can pose in your wedding clothes on the public beach area with the fireworks breaking over your head. It’s perfect for one of those ‘Wedding Kiss’ pictures. You might want to have your wedding photographer take a few of those to see which color fireworks make the best ‘frame ‘.

3. Chinatown
This historical district has a flavor all its own. Open fish & produce markets with an atmosphere you get nowhere else, preserved early 20th Century buildings plus the Asian culture that has put its unmistakable stamp all over this area.hawaii wedding photographer   Whether your background is Asian or not, Chinatown brings a side of life that you cannot get anywhere else on Oahu. There’s nothing like red Chinese Lanterns to give your pictures that feeling that something truly special is being celebrated.

4. Sandy Beach
This beach is notorious for its rough water. However, since you probably won’t be getting in on your Wedding Day, you should be okay. You still have the beauty of one of Hawaii’s golden beaches to play on. Plus the green slopes surrounding it are the emerald shade that truly set off an image. Whether you want fun pictures of you and your new spouse running in the sand or posing quietly with the towering green slopes behind you, Sandy Beach can provide it.

These sites are almost guaranteed to give you the kind of Hawaii wedding photos you’re looking for. I say ‘almost’ only because you also have to have a Hawaii wedding photographer with a good eye, an open ear and a creative mind. Look over our wedding photo portfolio if you’re getting married in Hawaii. If our pictures match your needs, give us a call for a No-Obligation consultation.

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