How To Make Money Making Mini Sites

Mini sites are great little web sites, usually consisting of a single web page and occasionally a few more. A mini site is primarily created to advertise and sell a product or service. These mini sites can exist on its own, or is used along a main site with a link back to the main site.

These mini sites focus sharply on a product and contains a professionally written sales page. Thus, these mini sites attract a very focused and targeted traffic. These are usually very successful in fulfilling its aim of selling products. As they attract a high volume of targeted traffic, the sales volume also is usually very high because of the professionally created sales page.

The site’s design is very simple yet attractively formatted. The sole objective being to create a sale within a few moments of the visit by a prospect, these highly efficient sites are seen to fulfill that objective quite easily. It is, thus, one of the most effective online marketing tools.

The creation of such a highly successful web site – a mini site – is very easy. It requires no exquisite web web design Kansas City designing. One can even find free mini site templates on the internet. Therefore, mini sites are quite inexpensive to create and no additional staff and professional skills, apart from the writing skills, are required. The conversion ratio has been calculated at a massive 50% and over. With such qualities, the mini sites have proved to be most efficient and effective marketing sites.

The mini sites design is one of the simplest, yet it contains a high-power sales pitch that calls for action. The content is normally in a story form and the entire problem solving package is supported with video and audio clips, backed with great testimonials, free gifts and bonuses announcements, and even a discount price for inducing an immediate purchase by the visitor. There usually is a guaranteed money back promise with no questions asked! The sales pitch is usually ended with a post script, one or many, with additional information or announcements.

After the purchase is sought, the customer is then taken to another page where a secure payment can be made, mostly through PayPal, or other mean like a credit card purchase. Once the payment is securely the customer is taken to the Thank You page with download instructions. Hence, these three pages are the most important to create the mini site: The landing page, the purchase page, and the download page. Additional pages can be created, but are not essential. Thus, the mini site is truly a compact site that creates sales on auto-pilot!

It is normally a job of a highly experienced professional writer to write the sales page that is scrutinized for its effectiveness. These writers are quite expensive, but that expenditure is worth the effort. Although the sales page can also be designed by the site owner, or his friend, it is really a job of the professional writers, because the writing of a sales page is a highly specialized job, and each statement on this page is extremely important.

Mini sites are thus truly wonderful money makes sites on auto-pilot!



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